Thursday, January 19, 2017

(For Once We're Not) TGIF!

Doomsday is fast approaching. 

In less than twenty-four hours, the Orange-tufted Republican Moron will take the oath of office and we'll all be doomed. As for his supporters, I guess the fact that most of them think the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are not the same thing says a lot about how the loon got elected. 

Upon hearing that all of the major television networks and a number of radio stations plan to stick us with all-day coverage of the coronation inauguration, Collin and I decided we'd do something NOT celebrating the biggest mistake the United States has ever made (at least in my lifetime). We're going to the movies. In the morning, we'll be seeing The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, a Christian comedy about a bad boy actor (Brett Dalton, Agents of SHIELD) who does community service at a church and finds himself and his true purpose. Afterward, it's going to be lunch at TGI Fridays (there's irony in that choice, given that this is one Friday we're NOT thankful for!). Then, in the afternoon, we're going back to the theater to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I'm pretty sure no one needs to be told what that one's about!

That is, I hope we're going.

Still dealing with arthritis. It started in my knees, then moved to my hips, arms, hands and spine. My back has been killing me the past few days (not literally). Early this morning, I had to go to the bathroom--but I couldn't get out of bed. My left knee was bent and wouldn't straighten out. So here I was, trying to figure out how to get from my bed to the bathroom. My cane was in my backpack. Collin was asleep, and there was zero chance of waking him. He's slept through a house explosion in the past--no exaggeration! Our weather radio is quite loud when a warning is issued. He's slept through that, too, so I was pretty sure he wouldn't hear me calling to him.

The table next to my bed is a glass-topped table with a metal frame and is on casters. I finally decided to use it as a walker. Obviously, I couldn't put my weight on the glass--I've already cracked it accidentally. But I could use the frame to balance myself well enough to get to the bathroom door, and from there I could lean on the sinktop.

By the time I got to the bathroom, my knee had finally relaxed enough for me to straighten my leg, but I am definitely going to talk to my doctors about approving me for an electric scooter....


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

No New Year's Resolutions, But Maybe, Just Maybe....

I don't make New Year's resolutions. I gave up on that a long time ago. I'd make a long list of things I was determined to do in the coming year...and I'd inevitably blow it before January 31st. But this year, there will be change. Some of them will be necessary.

2016 wasn't my best year, and not only because of the presidential election (though that was definitely not something to celebrate). No...there were multiple health issues. My blood pressure wasn't being controlled by the medications I was taking, so there were changes to be made. I already take so many different meds that if pharmacies qualified for government bailouts, I'd apply.

My eyesight is getting worse. I've dictated material off and on in the past, but the time came to finally get serious about it. We have a 40" TV. I told Collin it's time to start shopping for a bigger screen. And the arthritis in my knees has taken up residence in my hips, hands, shoulders and spine. The spine issues are complicated. My doctor tells me the nerves are being affected by that, which is causing certain areas of skin to feel like they've been soaked in Novocaine. No fun.

Arthritis has also visited Collin--but in his case, it was a blessing in disguise. Settled in his feet, it was no longer possible for him to continue working at IHOP, on his feet all day. He now works and takes his college courses at home. And I have him back as a collaborator! We've already started working together on Sucker-Punched, which will no longer be serialized.

Serialization doesn't work for me, anyway.  I should have realized it wouldn't. I have never written any of my books from page one to The End in any kind of order.  I write like I'm making a patchwork quilt, piecing a book together once I have enough scenes to make it work. Oh, well.

Where does that leave An Army of Angels? I honestly don't know. I want to finish it, but as a serial, there are still a lot of gaps. As a series of novels, I'd have to figure out how to deal with overlapping chronologies. 

I now have three blogs--two here at Blogger and one at WordPress. Not easy to keep up with three blogs and do three posts a week at two of them, especially with blog readership declining. But I'll maintain this one...and post when I have something to say. As for the other two, we'll see.

And on a final note, Creativia is now doing free ebook promos! The Unicorn's Daughter is currently available! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Obituary: 2016. Good Riddance!

2016. Died a painful death at midnight on December 31st. Left as its legacy fear, unrest, racism,  bigotry and all of the other evils released from Pandora's Box. Survived by Sadness, Uncertainty, Nepotism, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Mourned by none.

Birth Announcement
2017. Entered this world at midnight full of hope for the future, until its true identity comes to light and the Unholy Trinity rises to power....


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Anybody Else Glad This Year is Almost Over?

I just had to postpone my Friday post so I could send 2016 out with a bang...and now I find there is no way, NO WAY I am going to top or even come close to what my partner in crime, William Kendall, did over at Speak of the Devil! Nuts!

Oh, well, here's my lame attempt at trying to emulate John Oliver's "F*** 2016" segment on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight....

Happy New Year, everyone. It can't be worse than this year...can it? 

Postscript: Sucker-Punched will be back next Friday. In the meantime, there's a new installment of  An Army of Angels from Friday and a new one scheduled for tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Google Plus What?????

I really hate to ditch my Google + page, but that's likely what I'm going to do.  I'm really disgusted by the hardcore porn I find in large images almost every time I log onto the site. I've reported it more than once, but it keeps showing up anyway.

It's a shame, because unlike Twitter, the amount of text that can be included with an image post isn't limited to 140 characters. I suppose I can do that on Facebook, though. I like to include enough text with the cover images to generate the interest of potential readers.

Yes, I used to write some pretty explicit passages in my novels. Used to. But even that isn't quite as bad as large, full color photos, close ups of the sex act on a site that can be easily accessed by tech-savvy kids. Come to think of it, they don't even have to be all that savvy to get into Google +.

I guess I've become a prude, huh? 

I considered rewriting my novels to make them less graphic, but I got lazy. No, actually, I just figured that there are a lot of people out there who have read those books, most of them because of the sex, most likely.That's just not who I am now, which is why I decided to start the serial blog, An Army of Angels. I've changed, so I wanted readers to see how my characters have changed as well--how world events and personal growth have changed them, for better or worse.Some might like the changes, some might not. Time will tell.

Monday, December 26, 2016

'Twas the Day After Christmas and....

I still miss having Mom and Dad with us for Christmas. I miss having all of our animal/bird companions around. Christmas stocking for birds are a do-it-ourselves thing. For some reason, ready-made stockings for dogs and cats are everywhere, but nothing for birds, pigs, rabbits, etc. are anywhere to be found.

This year, it's just the two of us. Collin is happy with his gifts, I think. I got him (in addition to the Amazon Dot Echo, which I gave him early; he did the same with mine), a one-year subscription for his Xbox One gaming and a virtual reality viewer, which he spent the morning with, checking out some amazing places around the world. (I got the app on my phone, but I prefer to not use a headset). He got me a Bluetooth headset for dictation and an Amazon gift card--I've already purchased some movies and music with it.

For dinner, we had ham with pineapple, potatoes, stuffing with gravy and corn. We were supposed to have apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream, but the dumplings were ruined. I was going to make vanilla sauce for them, but Collin likes them better with ice cream. My sauce must really suck. Dessert, it turned out, was just ice cream. Oh, well.

Saturday night, we watched Pope Francis deliver his Christmas Mass from St. Peter's Basilica. We're not Catholic, but the Pope could make us convert!

And we watched movies--including A Christmas Carol (the 1938 version, which I've watched every year since the mid-1960s), The Nativity Story, Miracle on 34th Street (1947), and a couple of TV episodes. I love the Home Improvement Christmas episode in which Tim and Al get stranded by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. Just when they think they won't get home because the plane can't land, his kids turn on his elaborate light display, which provides enough light for the plane to find its way to the landing strip (and probably accounts for half of Detroit's power usage for that night). And even though it's technically a Thanksgiving story, we watched the WKRP in Cincinnati episode, "Turkeys Away."

The best Christmas gift I got this year, however, was having Collin home all day. In years past, he's always had to work every holiday, including Christmas, but thanks to his new job, he got off early on Saturday and had Sunday off.

Friday, December 23, 2016

'Twas Two Days Before Christmas and Traffic Was a Mess....

Sucker-Punched will return next Friday with no story missed. After all, it's almost Christmas. Is anybody REALLY reading blogs today?

I didn't get the next episode written because Collin really, really wanted to go to his favorite Chinese buffet for lunch. I don't like the place much, but he likes it, so I go. Even two days before Christmas, breaking my own rule about not going anywhere between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

Big mistake. Huge.

Traffic was horrendous. I hear the exit ramps on the interstate were parking lots. Our neighborhood wasn't much better. The restaurant is less than a mile away, but traffic was bumper-to-bumper all the way. Coming back, it was even worse--and it was raining. The bus had to go through the mall. It took almost twenty minutes just to do that. We did manage to make the bus driver laugh. Some guy in a red pickup truck was distracted just long enough for the bus driver to get into the line of vehicles waiting to exit. Collin and I started a running commentary about the guy's body language that got a lot of laughs--especially the part about the bus being able to crush his truck like a soda can.

Anyway, I hope everyone who does read this has a wonderful Christmas!