Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ankle Monitor Mishap

Collin came in one night around 2 am. I was barely awake, but he wanted to tell me a funny story about a friend of a friend. Seems the guy was out of prison, but was still required to wear an ankle monitor. One night, he and his girlfriend were engaged in, uh, sex. Three a.m., and he gets a call from his parole officer. The GPS on the ankle monitor is going nuts, moving very fast. (You can guess why.)

It could have been worse. The police could have come to his door.

Anyway, I went to bed. Exhausted as I was, I expected to fall asleep immediately. But every time I thought of this, imagining this guy getting that call from his PO in the middle of, well....

I just started laughing hysterically.

You just can't get away with anything these days. 


  1. I'm sure that Collin is thrilled that you posted that here!

  2. He doesn't actually know the guy, so....

    There are other things he would not want me to tell, however.

  3. "Officer, I have no idea why that thing's beeping so much!"

  4. That is kind of hilarious. Thank you for making me giggle today. I needed a good laugh. I will have to ask our local law enforcement if they have come across anything like that.


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