Friday, October 29, 2010

The Joys of Wiretapping

If Homeland Security is going to monitor one's calls, why would they advertise it?

The pay phone at the Walgreens near my home bears a label indicating that the phone is tapped. I assumed this was some kind of gag, though I didn't examine the label too closely. I can't believe the feds would stick a label on a phone, letting everyone know they were monitoring the calls.

The potential for some serious fun here is endless. If the phone were really tapped. 

Imagine this: someone uses the phone to call someone else, a call that's been set up in advance. The conversation takes a decidedly raunchy tone, maybe even to the point of being X-rated. (I'd include the actual proposed text, but I doubt Blogspot would allow it to be posted.) Continue this faux conversation for at least half an hour, by which time anyone listening in should be pretty uncomfortable...or maybe not, now that I think about it....

At the end of the conversation, sign off and add, "Hey, boys--did you get all of that?"

Sorry...the temptation was just too great. 


  1. Oh, that would be good...

    Of course, what part of town are you in where a phone might need to be tapped...? That's a little scary....

  2. That would be an enticing idea to get the feds going on a phone call. However, I am sure that they have heard it all by now and nothing would surprise them.

    But it would be funny.

  3. You have the white courtesy phone. Why not a terrorist only phone.

  4. This phone will self destruct in five seconds...

  5. @ William: Actually, it did. The phone's gone now.

    @ Karla: That would be the only way this could be any more obvious.

    @ Regina: I'm sure they have!

    @ Beth: I live in a good neighborhood! And we have very few pay phones left....

  6. Everybody's hauling those cell phones around these days, taking pictures, texting, checking their calendar, and every once in awhile, talking.


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