Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life As We Imagine It

Art often imitates life for those of us who write fiction. We borrow from our own experiences, sometimes from the experiences of others. We eavesdrop on conversations in public places. And sometimes, we deal with people and circumstances in our novels or short stories when we're unable to do so in real life.

In other words, the names are changed to protect the guilty. 

Even in my blogs, I will often change names to conceal friends' identities, if I feel I'm telling anything they might not want made public.

The late Jacqueline Susann, it has been said, worked with an editor for whom she harbored a deep resentment that surfaced in her novels. His surname, Preston, was used as either a surname or given name for more than one of her antagonists.

My very good friend William recently wrote an X-Men parody which has appeared in his blogs. In it, Wolverine refers to a character called Blaze McRob as a "horse's ass." The name, which was the user name of a guy with a major attitude problem, gets a lot of laughs. Most people think he's either a porn actor or a stripper. It was a perfect fit for William’s parody.

A couple of days ago, William received a message from a woman who has a rather complicated relationship with the horse's ass. She expressed her displeasure at what she saw as William's attempt to humiliate the guy. She was, she said, saddened by it. She was very condescending in tone, as if she were addressing a child who had misbehaved.

If the objective was to get William to remove the offending blog, it seems to have failed. 


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