Saturday, October 9, 2010

RIP Charlie the Tuna

How many of you remember Charlie the Tuna?

Poor Charlie, for the unenlightened, was consistently rejected by Star Kist in their animated TV ads. Charlie couldn't be the catch of the day if he was the only tuna in the net. When I was a kid, we used to get a kick out of Charlie's antics as he made one attempt after another to get accepted by the very picky folks at Star Kist. Why that stupid tuna wanted to be eaten, I'll never know.

In our house, there was lots of sympathy for Charlie--partly because of the rejection factor, partly because of the stupidity factor. Finally, Mom and I decided Charlie should get his wish. Dad was working outside one Saturday afternoon, and Mom was making lunch: tuna salad sandwiches. Dad had a quirk: he would always lift the bread and look at the contents of his sandwich before taking the first bite. Always, without fail. So Mom and I came up with an idea. I got a pair of Barbie sunglasses, very much like those worn by Charlie in the ads, and Mom put them in the middle of the tuna in Dad's sandwich. He didn't know it yet, but Dad was about to eat ol' Charlie.

"What if he doesn't pick up the bread this time?" I asked.

"He will," Mom answered confidently.

She put the plate on the table just as Dad came through the patio doors. He sat down, and sure enough, he lifted the bread from the top of his sandwich. He didn't miss a beat.

"I see Charlie finally got 'em to take him," he said, putting the sunglasses aside.

And that's how Charlie the Tuna finally got eaten.Don't believe me? Have you seen him on TV recently? 


  1. I don't remember Charlie the Tuna....

  2. The Barbie sunglasses are a kick. And William, you're not scoring any points with the slightly more mature crowd.

  3. Charlie was devoured long before William was born...but he does have his own Wikipedia page!

  4. Charlie was a classic! And delicious, I'm sure.


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