Sunday, October 17, 2010

Technology Takes Over the World

There was a story on the local news recently about a new high-tech device for restaurants that may make servers obsolete. It's a touch-screen table on which the customer can place their order. The food would still have to be delivered by a living, breathing server, but how long will it be before that job is taken over by a machine as well?

That whole Terminator scenario may be closer than we think.

Collin says as a server, his biggest gripe is customers who will complain, upon receiving their order, "This doesn't look like the picture on the menu."

Collin possesses the diplomatic skills necessary to be a good server. I would have said, "Well, it can't. You see, that dish was prepared by a professional chef. Our cook, on the other hand, just got out of rehab and he's still a little shaky."

This is why I couldn't cut it as a server when I was in college. I was guilty of many, many coffee burns long before anybody realized they could sue over that sort of thing. And they weren't accidents. They were warnings. My response to their screams was usually, "This time, I only burned your hand. Try that again and I'll aim a lot lower."

Maybe automated servers isn't such a bad idea after all.... 


  1. The good news is a true AI can't be created using our current computer architecture. Be weary though when they are able to implement the quantum computing model, which could very well make developing a true, self aware AI relatively easy.


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