Sunday, October 3, 2010

Touched By An Angel?

Touched by an Angel has been my favorite TV show since its debut back in the mid-'90s. By the end of even my least-favorite episodes, I always end up bawling like a baby. 

Thank God for TiVo and DVDs. Literally, thank you, God. 

I watched an episode today in which the angel Monica, in a seemingly insignificant act, had destroyed a family, sending a man into a coma for five years. It all started with a silly keychain. Monica had picked up the keychain to look at it. The man to whom it belonged couldn't find it. As a result, when he left home, instead of taking his large auto, he took his wife's little compact. He ended up in an accident, an accident he could have easily survived in his own car. The compact was crushed like a soda can. 

Five years later, he woke to find his wife had divorced him and was about to marry his best friend and former business partner. His business was gone, having been sold to pay his medical bills. He returned to the living to find himself without a wife, a home, or a business. 

All because of a keychain. 

So it would seem that no action is insignificant, without consequence. As Monica blamed herself for the tragedy and its aftermath, she was reminded of this--and of the fact that she had not derailed God's plan for this family. 

As if she or anyone else could interfere with God's plans. 

I've always believed that no action is unimportant, and that God directs us ever so subtly to bring his divine will into play. This is what I write about in my new novel--a series of seemingly unimportant events that bring together a man and woman, both of them "damaged goods," who find in each other what's been missing in their lives, and as a result fulfill a prophecy that will change humanity's ultimate fate. 

Think about it.


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