Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Many of Me?

I always wanted to be one of a kind. Turns out I am.

A friend recently sent me a link to a website called How Many of Me. Put in your first name, your last name, and click. In a minute, you have the numbers.

According to this site, there are 333,110 people named Norma. I'm guessing they're all women. If not, there are some guys out there who have probably learned to fight at an early age (think of the Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue).

Not surprising that there are so many Normas. I've never liked the name. I seriously considered using a pseudonym when I sold my first novel, but my ego wouldn't allow it. I didn't want to be anonymous. 

Hindsight being what it is, I wish my ego had just shut up.

Anyway, Beishir is a much less common name. There are only 336 Beishirs in the US. This is also not surprising. My surname is French. The Beishirs come from the Alsace region of France by way of Lebanon.  (I'm told all surnames have some origins in the Middle East.) My genealogical heritage is mostly Scottish in spite of the surname, French, German and Native American.

I am a proud mutt.

According to How Many of Me, there's only one Norma Beishir in the US and only one Collin Beishir.

I guess this means I'm safe from identity theft. On the downside, it looks like I can't get by with using that lame old excuse, "It wasn't me, it must have been somebody with the same name." 


  1. I'm the only Karla Telega in the country, which makes me wonder how I got listed on that sex site for unattractive women.

  2. Good one!

    I'm not the only named version of me in the country, or the world for that matter. There are lots of Martins about....

    Convenient for passing off the blame, too.

  3. @ Karla: Mr. Johnson did that to draw Grover out.

    @ William: You're not even the only one on LinkedIn....

  4. I'm actually afraid to find out how many ME's there are. Yikes!

  5. Well, on facebook, there seem to be an awful lot of me's around...I didn't think my name was as popular as I thought...(I mean, my married last name...even my maiden name seems to be popular)

  6. I love the comment "I'm a proud mutt".


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