Monday, November 8, 2010

Sexy Boys!

Okay, maybe it's a little much, but Talli already got Literary Hotties. Talli's list wasn't all literary, nor all fictional--last I heard, Colin Firth wasn't the product of someone's imagination. I'm going to go with the fictional guys first, and then a few real guys....

To start, any novelist who doesn't love their own characters first and foremost is doing something critically wrong. If you don't love them, no one else, at the top of my list is my own trinity of men who are the kind of guys I could love for real: Connor Mackenzie in Chasing the Wind; Jamie Randall in Final Hours, and Alex Stewart in the upcoming An Army of Angels. Anyone who's read my work will tell you that there are many common traits shared by these three. I won't tell you what they are. You'll have to find out for yourself!

Now to the guys who kept me reading past page three (or watching past the first half hour)....

Gabriel Miller (Same Time, Tomorrow by Scarlett Martin and James Morgan, not yet in print): now this is a guy any woman would be damn lucky to have in her life--if he really existed. He's smart, sexy, fiercely loyal...Gabriel is a one-woman man and doesn't mind showing it. And he can cook!

Tom Stryker (Heaven & Hell by William Kendall, not yet in print): call it loyalty to my partner, but this guy would be hot even if I didn't know his creator personally. Smart, charming, a bit of a daredevil, all male. He's not like James Bond. He's better. He gets stirred but not shaken. At least not very often.

Ranger and Joe Morelli (Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series): every woman should be in Stephanie's enviable position--between mysterious, sexy, noncommittal Ranger and down to earth Joe. Morph these two together and you'll have the perfect man!

Julien Mistral (Mistral's Daughter by Judith Krantz): He was a self-centered genius, a great painter whose devotion to his art led him to commit some unforgivable acts during the occupation of France...but the two great loves of his life inspired his greatest body of work as he learned, almost too late, the most important lesson of all.

Nick Muncie (Lunch by Karen Moline): not normally my type at all, he's a dark character with a taste for sadistic behavior--but Moline has done such a splendid job of creating this character that it was possible for me to feel sympathy for him and even like him in the end. Too bad he killed himself. He had real potential.

Jamie McGregor (Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon): though I've been a fan of Sheldon's books since my college days, and he does a wonderful job of creating memorable female characters, I've never been all that impressed with his male characters, except for Jamie. He's proud, stubborn, a survivor who built an empire against all odds. If only forgiveness had been in his vocabulary....

Indiana Jones: do I really have to explain? It's Indy!

And then there's there the real-life guys who make my heart skip a few beats....

Ewan McGregor: Scottish accent, those incredible eyes, a combination of adventurer and loyal family man. 

Gerard Butler: I'm a sucker for a Scot, what can I say?

Harrison Ford: He's Indy, for crying out loud! Enough said!


  1. Just ask my husband, he'll tell you that Harrison Ford is definitely at the top of my list. Talli has good instincts with Colin Firth. yum.

  2. Now that's a list!

    Some of these are names I know very well, of course, others I'm not familiar with personally.

    One of the things that stands out among the characters I'm not familiar with is the notion of flawed personalities: Jamie McGregor finds forgiveness hard (I can relate to that), Nick, as you put it, isn't normally your type, but it's the author's writing that catches your interest.

    From what you've said about Janet's books, it seems that part of the fun is the relationships Stephanie has with both Joe and Ranger. I'll definitely have to start reading these ones.

    These guys are men. No half drugged models, no glittery vampires in this lot. They're three dimensional characters who feel real. Good choices!

  3. I like men who are 100% male. No girly men, as the Governor of California once put it. For some inexplicable reason, I've always been drawn to damaged goods. Guys who have the capacity to feel. One-woman men, whatever else they are. Loyal men.

  4. BTW, any time I want to knock a character out, that means they are well done.

  5. I wanted to knock Jamie Randall out...

  6. Great, Mike! I love strong responses to my characters. Lukewarm's not good enough. It makes me feel I've done something wrong.

  7. Okay, help me out-I'm confused, who is writing Same Time Tomorrow?
    And Norma, what great taste...Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler are two of my all-time faves!!! I LOVE Scottish/Irish accents. Just had this very conversation with a friend the other day when she was trying to pin down my type. I concluded that those kind of accents were my favorite, because they're more manly than stereotypicically sexy accents.

  8. Who's writing Same Time Tomorrow? Martin and I are. At least, I think we still are. I never know from day to day.

    If Ewan weren't married, I'd be on his doorstep. He inspired Connor, Jamie AND Alex, so you know how much I like him!

  9. Okay, that's what I thought. Maybe I'm confusing it w/something else. Well, get on with it, woman!

  10. Oh Gerard Butler. What an adorable man. I totally agree.


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