Friday, December 24, 2010

Blog of Christmas Present

At the rate I'm going, I should probably call this one The Blog of Christmas Yet To Come.

Here it is, Christmas Eve, and I'm nowhere near ready. I just put up the tree on Wednesday. Just got the e-cards sent off yesterday. Collin has done the shopping for tomorrow's dinner, thankfully, so we have almost everything there.

It shouldn't be such a headache! Unlike my parents, I don't do elaborate decorating. Our tree is a little three-foot Highland Fir we've had for years. Noelle--yes, I named the tree!--has been with us for seventeen Christmases now. When we moved a few years after Dad died, my idiot ex-brother the Jehovah's Witness thought he could get us to stop having a tree if he conveniently left ours behind. By the time we realized it was gone, it was almost Christmas and Target had only small trees left.

I love our tree. It's cute. And it's easy to set up and decorate. Because it's small, it looks better without heavy garlands...but I like a lot of lights, so I bought a strand of 300 tiny multicolored lights. The ornaments all have some special significance. There's a tiny chef to commemorate the year Collin wanted to go to culinary school...a little wooden pig Mom gave me to represent my potbellied pig, Iggy...the angel, from church. We add a new ornament each Christmas. This year, because we both love the movie Despicable Me, it's a Snowminion--a cute little yellow Minion, a character from the movie, building a copy of himself in snow.

I send e-cards because they're more fun and environmentally friendly. If only everyone I know owned a computer. It takes a lot less time to send than a paper card....

As for dinner, the turkey is small, only three pounds, since there are only two of us. Tonight, I'll prepare it in the crock pot so tomorrow morning, all I'll have to do is turn it on and allow it to cook for seven or eight hours.

Oh, crap. I'm going to have to get up early to get that started....

The rest of the meal will be easy. Stove Top stuffing, canned gravy, instant mashed, did I ever claim to be Rachael Ray?

It should be easy, shouldn't it? Yet I feel like I've become an honorary member of the Griswold family. I have, however, taken care of the important stuff: Christmas TV viewing! The DVDs are ready to go--the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol, The Nativity Story, The Christmas Box, Badder Santa (we have the unrated version) and my favorite Christmas episode of Home Improvement, the one in which Tim’s passion for excess in Christmas decorations saves the day when he and Al are trying to get home in a snowstorm. Their plan is about to be detoured when the boys switch on Tim’s Christmas lights, giving the plane enough light to land.

Makes me think of our family Christmases, long ago….


  1. You named the tree?

    A lot of people have that tradition of a new ornament each year. The Minion seems fitting!

    I'm watching two of my favourite Christmas movies tonight: The Ref and Die Hard.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Stove top, instant mash, and canned gravy, no wonder Collin wanted to go to culinary school! Sorry, that just kind of went together like turkey in a crock pot? Sounds like it'll be wonderful and your time management will pay off! Merry Christmas and I have to admit I used instant mash too.

  3. Die that I think of it....

    Yes, I named the tree. I name everything. You know that!

  4. Ouch!

    As a cook, I am truly pathetic.

  5. When my hubby and I were first together, we had a little 4 foot was truly pathetic looking...but, when we added the pretty coloured lights and some homemade ornaments made from dried grapefruit slices and apple slices, it was the prettiest tree I'd ever seen.

    I didn't get around to making any ornaments this year...I usually do. But, this year, Christmas sort of snuck up on me, and I never got around to it.

    Turkey in a crock pot??? Never heard of it...LOL...although I love powdered gravy and stove top stuffing...Oh, and instant potatoes too....

    My favourite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation...

    I wish you and Collin a wonderful Christmas for two...Merry Christmas!!!

  6. You're forgetting National Lampoon's Christmas Christmas movie EVER!!! Merry Christmas!


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