Friday, December 10, 2010

Monster Rallies?

I've never really enjoyed booksignings. Truth be told, I've never much cared for anything that remotely resembles a schedule. Having to be in a certain place at a certain time, having to stay put for hours at a time...that's very difficult for me. Don't ask me why.

Doing a solo signing can be painfully boring. Unless you're Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, or Stephenie Meyer, you will probably spend a large part of your 2-3 hour stint sitting alone with stacks of your books at a strategically-placed table, looking hopefully at everyone who passes by. If you're lucky, some will stop, chat a bit, and feel sorry enough for you to buy a book.

If you're lucky.

On the other hand, group signings are great fun. You have someone to talk to, and if you'e having fun, that will draw the attention of potential buyers. I was once part of a 21-author signing at a bookstore in a large mall, and we had a blast. We also sold a lot of books that day.

The group was comprised of authors on all levels of success--from big names like Laurell K. Hamilton to newly-published authors hawking their first books. I fell somewhere in the middle of that spectrum: six-figure advances, lead title status (second lead, actually), technically a bestselling novelist, though not in the upper echelons populated by King, Evanovich, Sheldon, Meyer, Steel, Clancy and their peers. 

I could make a livng as a writer. I could not buy a villa in Portofino. 

But back to the booksigning. We had a ball. Status wasn't a factor in this group. We were all authors, equals, engaging in lively banter and a bit of friendly name-calling. The word "hack" was tossed around in fun.

Booksignings are a necessary evil for the writer who wants to be successful, but if you have the option, don't go it alone. There's saftey--and fun--in numbers! 


  1. I would definitely agree that it'd be a hell of a lot more fun with a group of writers then being on your own!

    You can look at it as safety in numbers... or reinforcements!

  2. Reinforcements...that's the word I was looking for!

  3. I saw a you tube video of an author singing about how nobody came to his book signing. It was hysterical.

  4. Oh Karla...that would be awful!!!

    I think being a part of a group signing would be so much more fun and as you said, reinforcement in numbers...and hopefully, if one stops, a lot more stop...

    At least you've had book signings...!!!

  5. I guess I'll cross that bridge and worry about all that fun after I've published my book. Baby steps.
    Yes, I need reinforcements, but I have to face the future and all the possibilities with realistic baby sized steps. It would be an honor to sign books with you.

  6. Now that's good advice. There's a CT author's group, I have to hit that up and see if anyone wants to get in on this . . .

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  8. Looking at these photos, I'd say it's true what they say: Trouble comes in twos, threes, and fours! :)

    Not sure if anyone actually ever said that, but someone has said, "The more the merrier." And I think that also applies here too.


  9. I am a huge believer of safety in numbers. It's actually part of why I love blogging. There's always someone to hang with you.

  10. E.J.--My publisher used to say the same thing, accompanied by, "Oh no, not again!"

    And I'd love to have a booksigning with any or all of you anytime. It certainly wouldn't be dull!

  11. Great article. You looked like you were having so much fun.


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