Sunday, December 26, 2010

No Silent Night....

We did have a white Christmas--our first since 2005--but there was definitely no silent night at our house.

I should have realized when Collin came home coughing and sneezing a few nights ago that I was about to find something unpleasant in my Christmas stocking. Collin rarely gets sick (and I do mean rarely!), and bounces back quickly when he does, but I ended up with the fever, chills and nonstop coughing. While he went off to work today, I spent the day on the couch, mostly sleeping.

The quickie Christmas dinner some of you poked fun at actually turned out to be a blessing. My crock pot turkey roast was perfect. I made almost everything else in the microwave, and as crappy as we both felt, we still ate almost all of it. I did bake cookies, which was a first for me. Christmas is indeed a time for miracles--they turned out to actually be edible! And courtesy of our dear friend Carolyn, we had lots of candy. 

I guess giving all my available time to getting published at the expense of learning domestic skills wasn't such a bad thing after all. In spite of the congestion, the fever and the chills, it was a good Christmas. Collin is thrilled with his iPod and his Blu-Ray player/movies. I'm happy with my DVDs, my MP3 player and the gift that's yet to come--an Android phone! Sam got gift cards. He loves Subway's cookies and McDonald's fruit snacks, so we got him a gift card for each. I hope birds don't become diabetic....

Ooops. I need another box of Puffs.... 


  1. Geez, Norma, so sorry. Those days can really put you down and slow your work down. An android phone. I'm still dreaming.

  2. Norma-I've heard of these android phones, but I can't say that I know exactly what they are. Is it a phone that makes your calls for you? Or is it one of those ones that will do your bidding for know, like your housework, pay your bills, that sort of thing?

    I'm glad that you got to have your turkey and stuffing, etc. At least you can maybe make turkey soup with the rest. Thats the best part of the turkey anyway.

    And, why is it that men get sick, sleep for a few hours, then are completely better whereas it drags in us for weeks...? I don't know either.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Yes, I poked fun and now I feel horrible. Please feel better soon so you can keep making beautiful prose in the New Year!

  4. Beth, an Android phone will do just about everything. With a Skype app, you can actually see the person you're speaking to. I was a little ambivalent about getting one at first. I've had a smartphone for about a year and a half now, but Androids are still intimidating. You can write your book on it. You can watch a movie on it. You can surf the web, take and send photos, read an e-book or listen to music or an audiobook. You can scan a bar code on an item and it will tell you if you can get a better deal elsewhere. It has GPS. If you use public transportation, Google maps will tell you the bus' ETA at your stop. Collin has Taxi Magic on his--if he calls for a cab, he can then track the cab on the phone so he knows when it will reach him.

    I made him promise to teach me everything on it before I have to be alone with it!

  5. What a way to spend Christmas!

    The snow looks lovely!

  6. Hey, hon. Feel foryou about you and Collin being sick. That bites. :( Hope that you and he get better very soon, hon. Big hugs. Glad that your Christmas was god despite that. Col that you will soon be getting the Android phone. So cool ofthat phone. :) Sam got gift cards to McDonalds? Awesome. I remember how he likes his grapes from there. I miss the little bugger. Lol. Miss you and Collin, as well. Cool that Collin got an iPod and that you got a Mp3 player,and extra candy. :)

  7. Hey, April! I ventured out for the first time today. Still not feeling great, but I had a few things to do.

    Can't wait to get the Android. My current phone isn't getting my Yahoo mail at the moment. I wouldn't care if the phone didn't work--I hate talking on the phone--but I have to have my e-mail!


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