Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only Flurries....

The weather here has been terrible the past few days--snow, bitter cold, wind--and it's about to get worse. Today, we're expecting the trifecta of crappy weather: snow, sleet and freezing rain. I haven't set foot outside the door since Friday, except to feed the birds and squirrel (who has not put in an appearance in two days), and it doesn't look like I will be until next Friday...or maybe not until next spring....

Weather like this always reminds me of an unexpected winter storm that hit in April when I was in college. It was a Saturday. Dad was off on a construction site some twenty miles to the south. One of our tenants came over and asked Mom to drive her to Fenton, a few miles to the north, to open a checking account. Sheila's lazy, no-account husband wouldn't take her. Mom was hesitant. "It's supposed to snow," she told Sheila.

"Only flurries," Sheila said. "It won't take long."

The flurries began shortly after they left. At the bank, Mom noticed the snow was increasing. She told Sheila they'd have to head home, but Sheila asked to stop at the grocery store first. Mom reluctantly made the stop.

That was a mistake.

The storm came in hard and fast. By the time they came out of Shop N Save, the roads were impassable. They ended up stuck at a service station in Fenton, unable to get any further. Mom called me to see if Dad had made it home. He hadn't. Sheila called her husband, who cussed her out and told her to get home even if she had to walk. Finally, the two, along with three others, got a ride with a guy in a four-wheel drive from somewhere up north who thought they were all a bunch of wussies for being intimidated by such an "insignificant snowfall." 

They had to take Route 30 to Lindbergh and back south via Route 21, since Route 141 was blocked by stalled vehicles. Coming south on 21, they encountered Dad, who had also had to take an out-of-the way route, only to end up burning up his transmission trying to get his truck up a steep, icy hill.

They finally got home--together--but weren't able to get either vehicle home until the next day. Since that day, when the weather forecast says flurries, I always expect the worst case scenario.

Like everyone else, I head for the store to get the essentials: chocolate, milk, bread and eggs. And toilet paper!


  1. Great blog Norma!!!
    Around where I live, we've managed to not get this dreaded white stuff...we've only got an inch or two...But, North West of us, wow...they had to have the military involved in rescuing people. I hope it isn't that bad for you.

  2. Norma, the forecast where I live (San Antonio, TX) says it's going to hit 80 degrees today. If you get too cold, just imagine that your hanging out with one of your blog followers, wearing shorts and drinking a margarita. Think warm thoughts!

    I miss snow, btw. I think being forced to stay inside is a writer's best friend. Too many distractions down here, like gardening, hiking, etc. during the "winter" months.


  3. Definitely that time of year for it!

    I remember one of my cousins getting married in March (the one whose husband has such exemplary piano moving skills); they figured it was late enough in the winter that there wouldn't be any bad weather. What they got was a nasty snowstorm that closed down the highways, preventing some of the guests from getting to the wedding.

  4. Chocolate? I don't remember that on my list of essentials. Yes, people around here panic at the thought of flurries, but you can just never be sure.

  5. Reminds me of growing up in Ohio. I'm with you, Norma, when they say flurries.
    Good article. I enjoyed reading it.

  6. Thank you, all three of you!

    Karla, how could anyone endure a blizzard without chocolate?

  7. I have flurries in my icebox, and my husband wanted to use the word wussies in our Scrabble game this week. Great Blog Norma. Toilet paper and chocolate are inalienable rights!


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