Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Android War Rages On....


Your new gadget brings even more joy today. If you haven't given in, now is the time to buy that techno-toy and join the 21st century. You can get ahead of the curve if you keep going at this rate! 

Above is my horoscope for yesterday. 

So...my new toy is going to bring me even more joy, is it? Right. It's brought me so much joy already--and I say that with unrestrained sarcasm. Sunday night, it went dead on me. I was having what I'm convinced was a panic attack when Collin came home and corrected the problem, whatever it was. (I still don't know what went wrong, but it's fine now.)

The 16GB mobile memory cards Collin ordered arrived, so I now have all of my e-books and audiobooks on the phone. I have my music. I can work on my blogs and manuscripts. I can read from one of a dozen different Bibles. I can get movie times. I can find out where I am (believe me, I'm not always sure). I can check Facebook and Twitter--how does anyone survive a day without that? (Again, sarcasm.)

But I still can't make a phone call on the damned thing.

I'm really not kidding. Anyone who owns an Android knows it's not a simple matter of just keying in numbers. No...I have to click on Contacts and then something else to get the keypad, and that's where I always get lost. I wanted to go back to using my old phone as a phone and the Android for everything else, but Collin talked me out of that. He can't understand why I'd even consider such a thing.

He doesn't forget how to do it.

I can receive calls...but then I usually end up pressing the touchpad and going God-only-knows-where.  The solution to this problem, fortunately, is simple: a headset. That's what Collin and I did yesterday. We went shopping for a headset. I have two already, but as luck and smartphone manufacturers would have it, neither of them will work on R2D2 (it could have been worse--I could have named it C3P0--then it would be an even bigger pain in the A). Collin wanted to buy a Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth? No, no, no, no! Maybe later, once I can actually use the phone--but for now, a simple headset will do nicely. The one I finally chose hooks over my ears, which is great because the bud-type earphones always fall out. And they hurt--my ear canals are very small, it seems. 

I may not be able to make a call yet, but I can hear the music and audiobooks with amazing clarity.

And then there's the matter of funny ringtones. Collin set a Family Guy ringtone for severe weather alerts on his phone--one of the characters yelling "Holy crap!" Mine is the Minions from Despicable Me in full panic mode, yelling and screaming. It's cute, but you never know when severe weather is going to strike in this area, so here we were in QuikTrip when the Winter Weather Warning came in. Other customers heard panicked screams coming from my backpack, while something in Collin's coat pocket was shouting, "Holy crap!"

It could have been worse. Has anyone ever checked out the full range of available ringtones? They run from cute to downright vulgar....


  1. Just make Collin show you over and over again how to dial the phone numbers. That's what my mom does to me when she can't figure out technology.

  2. Yea, gadgets. Can't live without 'em anymore. Seems like by the time I finally master one, it is replaced by something far more advanced.
    Um, interesting pic of the headset, Norma.

  3. Every time I pick up my phone by the edges, I push some mystery button or other. I don't know what they do, but it keeps life exciting. Think of the mess I could get into with a touch screen. (shudder)

  4. That thing's a minicomputer! And your horoscope is off!

    Just make sure the Android knows who's boss. Otherwise we get ourselves robot revolutions, overthrowing of the carbons, and turned into a fine paste for their own consumption. And that never ends well.

  5. That's the problem--it already knows who's boss!

  6. As I said before, I'm still in the Middle ages with my flip phone...I'd really like one of those android phones or iphones or something that would bring me into the 21st century...

  7. My hubby has an i-phone. Can't figure it out to dial either. But I can answer it when it rings with no problems.

  8. When you do learn how to make a call, let me know! Also let me know the degree of difficulty involved:)!

  9. Scarlett and I want those vulgar ringtones.

  10. Sent a little love your way yesterday


    I feel your pain I'm still fighting with my solar powered calculator. Finding just the right spot in the living room for it to gather enough juice to function.

    Once I master that my girlfriend says I can get a cell phone.

    Love, love, love

  11. Oh my gosh. I can't believe that little guy is giving you such a hard time. I wish it would straighten up and give you a break.

  12. I love my HTC EVO. Android rules!

  13. Around our house, it's more like a dictatorship. Yesterday, we brought Bluetooth into the mix.


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