Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blowing My Own Horn


For those of you who don't already know,  I recently set up four new blogs, strictly for the purpose of promoting my two current novels and the two upcoming books....

The Unicorn's Daughter is a reissue in e-book format of my 1990 thriller, A Time for Legends. Photojournalist Jaime Lynde discovers that her father, long believed to be dead, is a CIA operative and very much alive. Her search for the truth takes her into the Middle East and to the center of a military strike...and puts her life and her father's cover at risk.....

                                                    Chasing the Wind

Chasing the Wind is the first of a series of supernatural romances involving cloning, genetic engineering and prophecy. When Connor Mackenzie joins archaeologist Lynne Raven's dig in the Sinai, neither is prepared for what they discover there...or how high the price they'll have to pay for falling in love....

                                                        Final Hours

In Final Hours, Jamie Randall must decide how he will spend the planet's last hours when an asteroid collision is imminent.. Will he grab his one chance to survive...or will he choose to die with the woman he loves?

                                                       An Army of Angels

An Army of Angels is the second book in the series that began with Chasing the Wind. Coming this summer, it's the story of Alex Stewart, a gifted artist whose work reflects his terrifying nightmares. Alex has a secret that could destroy his marriage to fiery Robyn Cantwell...a secret that's made both of them targets of a powerful cartel that allegedly has a supernatural connection....

I do hope you'll check them out. All of them!


  1. Great promotion! Wish you tons of success in the New Year!

  2. great review of your books. Makes me want to read 'em all, and Collin's work adds to it. Great designs.

  3. Norma, you sure got me interested in your books. Three cheers for shameless self promotion!

  4. Your shameless self-promotion is a wonderful idea! I've already started Final Hours on my Kindle for PC (Love it!!! I didn't have to buy a whole system to enjoy yours (and others) books!!!)

  5. Three cheers indeed! Wonderful that you've brought them all to everyone's attention.

    And with each catchline, you've got our attention. I particularly love the blurb for Unicorns' Daughter.

  6. Goodie! A Norma Beisher checklist. Makes my life easier.

  7. Thanks for sharing these. I'm anxious to start reading!

  8. Well since I bought myself a Nook Color for my birthday, I will be looking for them. Can't wait.

  9. Thank you, Regina--if you click on the cover images below, they'll take you to the Nookbook listings for each book.

  10. ...I can't believe A Time For Legends/The Unicorn's Daughter is older than I am :( I love that book!


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