Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ooops...I Did It Again!

Last night, Collin wanted Ramen noodles as a snack. I don't know how he can eat them. I can't even stand to smell them. But this is what he wanted, so while he plugged away on his computer, trying to work the bugs out of my upcoming e-book, I broke my own record for mouth breathing and prepared his noodles. I put them in a bowl, got a fork from the drawer...and went back into the living room.

Fifteen minutes later, Collin went into our galley-style kitchen (no table, other words, no place to eat) in search of his noodles.

I'd gotten them ready for him. Just forgot to put them on the dining room table.

As I write this, he's getting dressed to go to work...or he will, once I get the laundry out of the dryer. It's been there since yesterday. He's probably turning his room upside down in search of his uniform....

Poor Collin. He's so patient. After waiting months for me to give him an e-mail address for the head planner for our public transit system (he has an idea to streamline service on one route), he finally dug it up on his own.

Sam is also unhappy. I washed and filled his food and water dishes...and left them in the kitchen.

My doctors tell me I do not have Alzheimers, thank God. I am not suffering from memory issues or any form of dementia. I am, they tell me, simply distracted. Now, seriously, how distracted can one get? I don't have that much on my mind...yet I somehow managed to get our birth certificates from the safe deposit box so we could get updated ID and passports, and lose them before those documents were obtained!

When we were about to move to our current residence, I had seen it before the remodeling was completed. I brought Collin back later to see it. I didn't have the key, but he could peek through the windows. He did...and let out a shreik.

"There's somebody living in there!"

We were on the wrong street.

I lost Christmas gifts I bought for Carolyn and Kathie two years ago. I have packages waiting to be shipped off to William and April. The Tylenol April left here on her last visit will probably be far past its expiration date by the time she gets it. 

Ohhhh...Collin's left for work. I forgot to give him his water bottle. I think I remembered to fill it...


  1. House arrest? Like that'll stop him....

  2. Oh, this is priceless! Wonderful blog, Norma!

    I've never eaten Ramen noodles... so it requires mouth breathing? It's really that bad?

    Sam would of course be displeased with the service he's getting. No tip for you!

    And Collin will just have to come back for the water bottle!

  3. Collin's favorite is the shrimp flavor, which is really smelly.

    To add insult to injury, as I was writing this blog, CBS Sunday Morning was airing a segment on...Ramen noodles!

  4. I just want to say that the noodles themselves are ok...You can put them in other things, like maybe a real turkey or chicken soup...but, I find them too salty for me.
    Plus, add a little cheese to them, and it's just like mac and cheese...except it's not...LOL
    And, Norma, you're way to smart to be demented. Ok, maybe you're a little demented...but in a good way. I think they call us 'deviants', right?

  5. Yes, Beth, it's true...we're deviants!

  6. You are not alone....oh shoot....forgot what I was going to say!

  7. I'm making baked beans for dinner. This is the 4th try, because I keep forgetting to start the 7 hour project until too late in the day. As it is, dinner will be at 8:00 tonight. :(

  8. The best thing about a bad memory is re-reading books and feeling like it's the first time!

  9. Ramen Noodles got me through college!

    At the time they were 3/0.99 and in Canada beer was $30 a case so my budget included 3 cases a beer a week and I still had money left for food and snuck in under a hundred bucks a week!

    Love this post, bloody brilliant, love it!

    I find myself standing in the kitchen with a confused look on my face knowing I was there for a reason but not knowing how I got there or what my next move is.

    So I feel your pain

  10. Norma, you're just using your grey matter for higher purposes. (At least that's what I tell myself...)

  11. Norma, I was going to write several things here, but I've already forgotten most of them.
    I love ramen noodles, but not the sauce pak. I used to add parmesan cheese and lots of butter. mmmmm. But the noodles and the sauce paks have msg. Sigh So I had to give them up.
    Forgetfulness. Amazing how we forget. The thing that irritates my husband is I'll ask if he wants a snack or something, he'll say yes, I go to the kitchen, get busy with other things...

  12. We almost neglected to comment, but then that wrong house on the block thing was just too good to miss.

  13. I haven't eaten Ramen noodles in years, but I do like them--I suppose I'm in the minority here:).

    I am, BTW, the queen of distraction. Last week I left a dozen eggs on the stove to hard boil. Guess I should've stayed in the kitchen. When hubby asked why the stove was on, the water had boiled away and the eggs were brown!

    There's just something about writing that keeps your head in a different place!

  14. I hopped on over here from the interview on Maria's blog.

    Serious case of distraction you have on you, but I guess you're entitled, with all the writing and book promotion you have to do.


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