Thursday, February 24, 2011


How do I hate captchas? Let me count the ways....

Yes, I know that sounds silly...but my loathing of captchas is, well, profound. As much as I enjoy reading and commenting on the blogs I follow, I confess that I do tend to read captcha-free blogs first, simply because I can read and comment on more blogs that way. My eyesight is not the best, and having to deal with captchas that aren't always clear--maybe making two or three attempts before succeeding--is time-consuming.

Given that we all have the option of deleting unwanted comments from our blogs, why do we need captchas anyway? 

Can't we all just be captcha-free?


  1. Yes, can't we? It would be ever such a lovely world, it would.

    Well, except for captcha programmers.

    Of one of those panels, we can make the phrase Christine Stratton Carving The Endowed Groups.

    What did the Endowed Groups ever do to her?

  2. It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about!

  3. I got one the other day for something, and the letters were all smushed together...I got it wrong, and "had to do it over again"...stupid!!
    (I wasn't really sure what a captcha was, but now I know I hate them too....!)

  4. Well, I've now removed that function from my blog.

  5. I just tried a new spam blocker and blocked myself out of my own website. That was a pill. If only there was an easier way...

  6. I hate those things, too. Does my blog comments do that? Hope not. Someone let me know. I'll get rid of it if I can.

  7. I think I disabled mine awhile back. I moderate my comments before I publish them but it is a hassle to try to post and have to jump through hoops to get it done. Nicely put!


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