Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Delayed Departure

They put a lock on my urn, for crying out loud! The very same lock they used to lock my cage door when they discovered I could let myself out! Talk about adding insult to injury....

Oh, come on--where are my ashes going to go? Hello--not in there! I'm over here! Why do you think you always have the feeling I'm watching you? That's because I am! What you have under lock and key is just what was left of my shell. My spirit is free. I can fly again. I can go wherever I want.

Except to Heaven.

Anybody remember the movie Ghost? Patrick Swayze's character couldn't go to Heaven until he rescued Demi Moore's Molly from the guy who'd killed him. (Yes, I did watch more than just those great bird videos on YouTube.) Well, I can't leave as long as these two need me. They can't survive without me. I've been taking care of them for the past twenty-plus years. 

They need to be looked after.

They come in the door calling out to me. She almost went to the fridge to get me a grape. She still wakes early so I can have time out of my cage to start the day. They love me, and I love them. And, as Swayze says in the movie, that's the one thing we take with us into the afterlife. The only thing. So when anybody tells you, "You can't take it with you," it's not entirely true.

You take love. And that's more than enough.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful blog! Who'd have thought a bird could be so ornery?

  2. For such a little guy, he sure left a lot to hold onto. Feisty little dude!

  3. Sam is clearly the kind of guy who likes to stay busy- dead or alive! Would that we all had such a clear purpose driven by love.

  4. Norma, so touching. He is with you, watching over you. I love the pictures with his urn. I bet he loves them too.

  5. Collin says he would have loved that even when he was alive--being able to sit there and look at photos of himself all day. He was always kissing me--I finally figured out that he could see his reflection in my glasses!

  6. Aw, this is so sweet! Thanks Norma for more on Sam. I can see he'll always be with you!

  7. That was a sweet blog, Norma! I once thought I heard my one cat at the other house, and, I don't think it was the other cat. He never made that kind of noise. And, my hubby thinks he saw him one day on the steps going upstairs. They are with us, just as the human spirits are. They love us and want us to be happy and see that we do well, too.

  8. More than once, I've thought I heard Sam rattling his toys around. Early this morning, I saw him in a dream--healthy, happy, able to walk and climb and fly again, tumor-free.

    Maybe they stick around until we die and then they enter Heaven with us.

  9. This was such a sweet blog. I'm sure that's exactly what he's thinking as he watches you.


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