Sunday, February 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

William told me about this one, which he's picked up from other blogs. Take six random sentences from your own work or a book you're reading and put them in order. It sounded like fun, and I'm in need of some fun, so here goes....

These six sentences are from Final Hours, published in 2009:

The world as we know it will end within the next two days.

"You think I'm beautiful?" she  asked, obviously finding my comment amusing. "Should I be looking for your guide dog, too?"

"My mother told me to never get in the car with strangers--and I don't know anybody any stranger than you."

It was the ugliest dog I'd ever seen, but for Kate it was love at first sight.

I gave him a single-finger salute and dropped my coat on the couch, then headed upstairs.

I could put a bullet in her brain while she sleeps, then one in my own.


  1. Oh, these are terrific! I love the third one the most!

  2. I love those, Norma! Makes me want to read more. :) The second one is also fantastic.

  3. And the first one jumps right out at us!

  4. I like putting number 2 and number 4 together.

  5. I like the "single finger solute".

  6. "I like putting number 2 and number 4 together."

    Yes, that does make for quite a combination, doesn't it?


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