Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Great Birthday Chow-Down

Tomorrow is Collin's birthday. 

Celebrating your adult child's birthday is second only to a really good mirror when it comes to making one feel old. Make that OLD. I'm not a grandma yet, but that's just a matter of time.

The upside to birthdays around our house is all the freebies that start popping up in our email boxes, usually a week before our actual birthdays. It started with one local Taco Bell franchise's birthday club, promoted in-store. Go online, the promo cards said, and sign up to get a free combo meal on your birthday. We did...and Collin decided to see which other restaurant chains offered similar perks.

Most of them do, he discovered.

He signed us up for all of them. As a result, for two weeks around our birthdays each year, we get coupons for more free meals and desserts than we can possibly eat. We'll be eating out a lot. Lunch and dinner. And a few breakfasts, too.

The funny thing is, it still seems like yesterday that I went off to the hospital in the middle of the night in a cold rain. As the sun rose on the eastern horizon, I was in a delivery room at St. Anthony's Medical Center, giving birth to a perfect-in-every-way eight-pound, two-ounce baby boy. 

He was so tiny then. Now I look up to him. Where have the years gone?

Happy Birthday, T-Bird!


  1. I love the burning candle cake pic, by the way!

  2. Whoa... and now I'm hungry again!

    Happy Birthday, Collin!

  3. Collin calls it the Michael Bay Birthday Cake.

  4. Signing up for all the coupons are a great idea! My man always treats himself to whatever he wants on his B-day (Breakfast Burritos, In & Out Burgers, Steak - make that Steaks!). Why not get it free???

  5. Lauren--if you check all of the restaurants' websites, you'll find a lot of freebies--not only for birthdays, but just for signing up.

  6. Never heard of this! What a great idea. Norma, it is strange how you remember giving birth and then seeing the adult in front of you, wondering where the years have gone.
    Collin has the best gift of all - a wonderful, intelligent loving mother.
    happy birthday, Collin

  7. Holy crap balls. That's awesome. I need to sign up for those deals!

  8. I wonder if they have that around here??? Just don't like to cook anyway, so here's your chance to sample a little bit of this and a little bit of that....LOL

    Happy Birthday Collin!!!!

  9. It's worth checking out. Those freebies add up.

    When Collin was little, before I sold my first book, I used to take Collin to Samplefest. One grocery store chain here had it two or three times a year. They'd have several people handing out samples in every department. You could get full on just samples. I told Collin food tastes better when it's free. He still believes it.

  10. It's the cheesecake. Gotta be the cheesecake.

  11. Are you lusting after that cheesecake?

    Oh, crap. I used the proper noun (Collin) twice in the same sentence....

  12. Wonder how many times I used a proper noun twice in the same sentence (grabs for her manuscript - still in editing mode)

  13. Wow! That's a lot of food. Didn't know about the freebies but I think I'll pass. The pictures looked so good they made my stomach hurt.

    Hope you guys have a great celebration.

  14. Congratulations on being a great mom.
    I mean all these years in elementary school he's been able to say, my mom's a novelist. A successful novelist!


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