Monday, March 14, 2011

I Write Like....

Today, I checked out a website, I Write Like  that analyzes a writer's choice of words, writing style, etc. and tells us what famous authors we write like. I tested three samples and got results I never expected....

For my Men: Can't Live With 'Em, Kill 'Em blog, I was told....

                                I write like
                          Oscar Wilde

For Final Hours....

I write like
James Joyce


And for Chasing the Wind...

I write like
Vladimir Nabokov


  1. Yes, it's more then a little bizarre, isn't it? Depending on the part of a book, we might get a completely different response as to who we write like.

    I gave a different kind of try for that. Stephanie Meyers had some sort of website for a future work (assuming it'll still be written), and I put some of her words into a test. She came back as an HP Lovecraftian.

  2. I suggest that there is a moral here. It is to write like you don't give a bleep who you write like!

  3. I'm going to have to check this out...this is kind of neat!


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