Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Best Revenge

It has been revealed in a new book that Prince William's bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, was bullied as a teen. I wonder what those British Edition Mean Girls are thinking now?

Tower of London, anyone? Off with their skanky heads!

You can bet those girls are wishing they hadn't messed with Kate. I wonder where they are now? One thing they're not doing...watching their mailboxes for one of those elegant wedding invitations. (Don't hold your breath there, girls!)

I also had the opportunity to get the last laugh on bullies, though not quite on such a grand scale. Like Kate--Catherine to all of us now--I was bullied. Hard to believe, isn't it? These days, I take crap from no one. But it's the truth. I was a mousy kid who was a target for most of my school years. The transformation that began in therapy after high school reached its zenith with the publication of my first three novels.

Success really is the best revenge, after all.

A friend was surprised that I wanted to attend one of our high school reunions. "You really want to see those people again?" she asked, incredulous.

I certainly did. How else was I going to throw my bestselling author status in their faces?

I had already had the pleasure of running into one of my old adversaries. She was working at Walmart. She was almost gushing. She had seen me on TV. She'd read all of my books. I was now her favorite author. "Maybe we could get together for lunch sometime," she suggested, as if we were old friends.

Until that point, I hadn't said anything, content to let her make a complete fool of herself--but when she had the audacity to think I'd want to have lunch with her, I couldn't remain silent. I looked at her and, without any show of emotion, asked, "I'm sorry--have we met?"

What goes around comes around, after all.

My pastor said in one of his sermons that we are expected to forgive. We don't have to forget. That's a relief, because forgetting is not always possible. Sometimes the wounds are too deep. Scars remain. 

Every year, kids, mostly teens, either take their own lives or go on shooting rampages in their schools because bullying has made their lives unbearable. For too many years, the position of school administrators and faculty has been "it's just the way kids are." 

Too often, the parents of bullies are or were bullies themselves who have no intention of putting a stop to their child's unacceptable behavior.

It's time to take action. It's time to put an end to bullying. 


  1. Brilliant blog, Norma! Success is truly the best revenge.

  2. Revenge is a dish best served cold! Loved this blog Norma.

  3. Great post Norma. I was bullied throughout Jr & Sr. High, but life's funny because I'm friends with most of them on FB now!

  4. You're a better person than I am, Debra. I can forgive, but I can't forget--not enough to be friends with any of them, anyway.

  5. I love this post and hope someday those people who called me four-eyes will read my book!

  6. Great post, Norma. Some of the bullies from my high school days are now living in their parents' garages. That's pretty sad when you're in your 50s.

  7. Wonderful post! Best I've read.
    I was teased throughout school and have not forgotten. Thought I had forgiven but when thinking of a name for my novel's villian, first one I thought of was hers.

  8. What a post
    I love your story about the Walmart adversaries. So perfect.
    I wasn't bullied in school had a group of friends but I was so busy with work, school and clubs and the fact I am really dense, I am so clueless that I later found out I was popular and didn't know it. Can we say duh ? Oblivious anyone ? I just thought they were school friends....
    It is in my later later years that my x was a bully and a controlling jerk and I took way to much crap from him for way too many years and my children and I have paid the price. Can you say dense again ?

    Oh and to chalk another one up to your bullies... I just bought one of your books ! on Amazon. Hope that counts.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. As a kid, I was bullied when I changed to a new school where my mother happened to teach. No one liked her, so they took it out on me. That was from Grades6-8...When I left that school, I left them behind.

    But, the worst form of bullying, was when I was 6 and in Grade 1...My grade 1 teacher was the bully, if you can imagine that. She didn't like me and she didn't like this other girl in our class. On picture day, she wouldn't let this other girl or myself, be in the class picture. Nice, eh? Now, because of her, I have the confidence of a gnat...and to this day, if I saw her, I'd probably knock her block off...forgive, nope...forget, never!!

    Yet again, another great blog, Norma!!!

  10. Well said! I also was bullied all through high school. I have to confess, the idea of a little payback is one of the things that motivates my writing -- or at least, my selling.

  11. Parsnip--thank you! I always appreciate a new reader!

    Karla--it always feels good to picture bullies spending their adult lives in their parents' basements or garages.

    Oddly enough, I'm not surprised to see so many writers here were bullied in their youth. The process of turning inward is what often creates a novelist.

  12. Great blog. I love when I run into my old enemies and they're pumping my gas while I drive off to my writing gig. :)

  13. How awesome is that? Just the fact that you're successful and she was working at Walmart is good enough. But she was a fan!!! Awesome!
    I definitely had some years of being bullied in elementary school. And in high school, when I was in the popular crowd, the queen bee would sort of pick on someone in the group...a new person every week. We all took our turn of banishment from coolness. How freaking lame is that!

  14. Great post, Norma. It just sickens me when I see bullying on the news again. I heard the mother of a bully defending her son by saying 'It's his way of being friendly.'
    And I loved how you treated your old high school friend.
    Loved this blog.

  15. Great post! You know, all through high school I was known as Miss Piggy. Throughout the day I recieved the official salute and snorted at.

  16. Excellent post! I loved your response to your ex-classmate at the Walmart--too funny!

    Bullying really is a problem and I wish schools would do more to prevent it.

    Bullying can be physical or emotional. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me," isn't really true. A briuse will heal, but the impact of words remain for a lifetime.

    But as you say, success is the best revenge!

  17. Bullying takes many forms and is not confined to schools. There are bullies in the workplace, even in one's own home.

    All of it is wrong.


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