Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Angels Looked Down (dedicated to Norma, Collin and Sam)

This poem was written by our very good friend Donna, our own guardian angel....

The Angels looked down and smiled,
aware of what was soon to be.
They knew a special time had come.
They watched and listened patiently.

One day two mortals went shopping
to a pet store where they stopped.
They came to buy a certain pet,
but precise clues the Angels dropped.

“It isn’t a pet you’ve wanted,
you’ve come for your friend of old.”
The Angels whispered words so softly,
“Look for the one who stands so bold.”

Upon this earth we never know
what priceless treasures we’ll amass.
The purest treasures we do find
are loving friendships that do last.

And so it was, this very day,
two friends from Home re-united.
For many years spent together,
their joined spirits were delighted.

Sam Bird lived to age twenty-one.
There is a good reason, you see.
He met who he was meant to meet,
and they loved each other dearly.

Alas, one day God called him Home.
He asked God to let him stay,
but his mission now completed,
God’s words he chose to obey.

Norma and Collin were saddened.
They knew to Home he had flown.
They would see him again one day,
but for now they were left alone.

Yet, with the pure grace of Angels,
Sam visits them once in a while.
He shows them he’s still with them
and he does it with his style.

Earth is but a meeting place
Where eternal friends can roam.
They meet and bond in perfect love,
until one is called back Home.

The Angels know we’re eternal.
They know we’ve come to earth to learn,
but friendships made from our love
are the strongest lessons learned.

In peace, Sam lives eternally,
but his love he sends each day.
He watches Norma and Collin,
and his love to them conveys.

God’s plan again was followed.
Eternal friends did meet.
They bonded through their love,
This mission now complete.


  1. It really is a beautiful poem, and so kind of Donna to do so for you.

  2. Donna's an exceptional woman. But then, we've always know that, haven't we?

  3. Oh my goodness. How touching. A lovely tribute to a cute little greenish angel!

  4. It's such a sweet poem that Donna wrote for Sam...I loved it before, and I love it now...and, it made me cry yet again.

    Donna definitely is one of those people that anyone could love...and aren't we lucky to know her?

  5. William and I were just talking about how lucky we are to have her as a friend.

    We all love you, Donna!

  6. And a wonderful poem this is. If I had a heart, it would have melted. :-)

  7. omg, I couldn't ever have imagined such priceless friends! Norma, the picture you chose goes so well with this poem. You guys brought tears to my eyes. I am honored to be called your friend.

  8. Love the colour and the picture at the top...I love how he's standing in front of some books. Maybe he was a famous writer in a former life like you are...LOL

    I like it. Great job.


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