Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now I Don't Feel So Stupid....

A big "thank you" to Jerry Mizell for these hilarious photos of humanity at its most ridiculous....

Does he know it's raining?

I wonder if this dimwit knows where her purse is?

I wonder what distracted this shopper? At least she remembered her keys....

Talk about an extra wide load!

A flatbed truck...for one box?

I don't want to know....

Does he see what's coming up behind him?

Redneck Tour de France?

This can't end well....

I think he was supposed to back into the water....

I think this guy must be an endangered species--too dumb to live!

I don't think this makes it an Apple computer....

White-Out? On a computer monitor???


  1. Ooh, every girl called Eve needs a snake necklace.
    Poor doggie!
    Cute post!

  2. OMG! Love these pics...! (But, of course I would!!)

    I love the flatbed for one box and the pic of the lady's purse hanging off the side mirror...! Too funny!

    Hey...I think I might have a rival with the picture blogs!

  3. These are too good! I love the World's Dumbest. Ok. The white-out. How dumb is that?

  4. Thank you. This blog makes me realize that despite some of the dumbass things I've done, there are plenty of people who have done much worse.

  5. I never wanted an Apple *that* bad!

  6. The boat launch is too precious! The picture with the tornado is amazing, but the kicker has to be the tank.

  7. Unfortunately, I can identify with the dimwit and the distracted shopper!

  8. Clearly some of these people have had too much to drink... or their parents were dating too close to the gene pool.

    Shoe wheels... that's one I haven't seen before!

    And of all of these.... poor doggie!

  9. Speechless. The things people do. Makes me wonder how we have survived for as long as we have.

  10. And we're supposed to be the dominant species....

  11. OMGosh... those were hysterical! I love the apple computer.... classic.

  12. I think I know some of those people...not relatives of course! But I think that lady works in my office! lol

  13. Oh my God, thank you, thank you, thank you for that laugh! I really needed that! I'm definitely following you!

  14. ROFL!!!! Where do you FIND this stuff?
    Absolutely LOVED the "Apple" computer. I should have done that before I bought a Mac for my son.

    Thanks for the smiles.


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