Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shameless Plug Saturday

This week, instead of Six Sentence Sunday, I'm going to try something a bit different. You see, I have a lot of very talented friends who have the most entertaining blogs in all of blogdom. I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce them by posting links to some of their finest posts this week:

There's William Kendall, who's my partner in crime. It's difficult to choose just one of his blogs, because they're all so good--so I'll direct you to his most recent, No, They Can't Keep Their Zippers Up. When William is good, he's very good. But when he's poking fun at politicians, he's great.

Saturdays with Sir Poops-a-Lot--I've told Shelly Arkon she should give her two dogs their own blog. They have a lot to say and a most enjoyable way of saying it. I wonder, do we really want to know what our critter companions really think of us?

Donna Yates is one of the most generous, considerate, and selfless people I've ever met. When she gives you an accolade, it means something. This week, she named several recipients for her own Luminous Luminary Laurel Award. I'm proud to say Collin and I were among those she selected for this honor. You can see all of the winners at Believe in Yourself.

The incomparable Beth Muscat normally goes out of her way to gross out her readers with her People of Walmart image blogs, but her most recent provides a massive overdose of cuteness. Check it out at All Kidding Aside!

Sci-fi author Mike Saxton reviews Beth's novel The Bracelet in his blog on his 7 Scorpions website. Mike gives good reviews. Check it out--and buy Beth's novel and Mike's. Both are great reads!

Fellow romance writer Mark R. Hunter gives us an update on his upcoming novel Storm Chaser as well as his other projects in the works at Slightly Off The Mark. This is a book I'm really looking forward to reading!

If you want humor, you can't go wrong with Karla Telega at Telega Tales. She's got her finger on the wrinkled, age-spotted pulse of all of us over fifty--and helps us laugh at ourselves even when we feel like crying. In her latest, she puts Home Improvement's Tim Taylor to shame. 

Eve Gaal of The Desert Rocks wrote of The Magic of No. One of my favorite words. I'm very good at saying no. Maybe too good. But I wouldn't say no to Eve and her great blog. Check it out and you'll see why!

And then there's Two Little Square Black Dogs, the domain of the artist known as angryparsnip (yes, I know her real name--I'm just not sure she'd want me to reveal it). Her blog is a cornucopia of wonderful things. Today, she's wishing a happy birthday to her daughter-in-law in Japan.

If you love animals, don't miss Lynn Benoit's Pets and Other Critters. She's got something for just about every animal lover and she knows her stuff when she gives advice. Check it out!

And of course, there's Basking in the Afterglow, the domain of William's and my alter egos, James Morgan and Scarlett Martin, the always amorous authors of erotic fiction. Check us out--if you don't have the kids or in-laws around and looking over your shoulder....


  1. This is great, Norma! Thanks for the plugs...of both my blog and my book! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. All of these blogs are great and entertaining, including yours. We are all marvelous!

  3. Thank you Norma for mentioning my blog and saying it's great. I love being in your circle of blog-mates and hope to stay there for ever! I have to discover some of your other friends and maybe they'll take a liking to my variable quandaries.

  4. Excellent choices, Norma! Just the ideal group of the usual suspects too!

  5. There will be more tomorrow. There are several bloggers I have yet to applaud!

  6. That's really cool, all thse different blogs you've posted. I wish I had more time (and more battery power)so I could go through all these NOW! As it is, I'm hitting up one... then the next... and the next... and going, WOW.

    Thanks for the links. :-)

  7. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Norma. We truly are blessed to be among so many fine writers. And I count myself lucky to have you as a friend.

  8. Thank You Norma for thinking of my small blog.
    I am honored that you and William have let me into your circle and I am not a writer !
    I am slowly checking out all the blogs you have listed ! Fabulous !

    cheers, parsnip


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