Sunday, June 19, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Father's Day Edition

I did a Six Sentence Sunday on Mother's Day featuring my fictional characters and their moms. Now it's the dads' turn....

Jaime Lynde and James Lynde (A Time for Legends/The Unicorn's Daughter): "I feel sorry for the man you marry, Princess."

Connor Mackenzie and Daniel Mackenzie (Chasing the Wind): "I don't want him to be caught in some maniac's crosshairs simply because he's my son."

Jamie Randall and Noah and Ethan Randall (Final Hours): "They took care of their injured dad, bringing me candy pills and taking my oral temperature with a rectal thermometer."

Collin Deverell and Quentin Deverell (Angels at Midnight): "Do you really want your kingdom divided, Dad?"

Abby Giannini and Tony Giannini (Angels at Midnight): "You dream big, figlia mia."

Alexander Kirakis and Constantine Kirakis (Dance of the Gods/Aleander's Empire): "Father," Alexander said in a trembling voice, "I've waited far too long to say this, I know...but I love you."


  1. I love the one where the kids take his oral temperature with a rectal thermometer...LOL I remember reading that in the book and laughing out loud...

    Great sentences!

  2. "oral temperature with a rectal thermometer." Lol!
    And I really like the first one. It's so simple, but it says a lot.

  3. Loved 'em! Candy pills always make me feel better. But the thermometer...

  4. Oh, very good ones! I love the first one!


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