Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It Could Have Been Worse...A Lot Worse!

I have a broken nose.

Not this bad. Like I said, it could have been worse.

I wish I could say I got it in a fight. It would sound so much better than admitting to a moment of klutziness. I did, in fact, try out the fight story at church. Funny thing is that everyone I told it to believed it. Maybe because I'm combative by nature. Maybe because I've been in more than a few fights. I still have an inner ear problem, a badge of sorts for fighting.
But no, I did not break my nose taking out a guy three times my size for having no manners. That would have been so cool. No, I broke the sucker trying to outrun a yellow light on Kirkwood Road last Thursday. Just as Collin and I reached the other side, I tripped, plunging into a thick concrete slab covering the storm sewer.

If only the one I collided with had looked so cute...but then, it still would have hurt!

I've fallen before, and it's always happened so fast there was no time to think, no time to react. Not even the time my horse slipped on a wet pavement and we both went down--hard. This time, the fall actually felt more like slow motion....
This is it. Game over.
Raise your arm.
Oh, good idea. A broken arm's better than a fractured skull.
I raised my arm, blocking the impact. In the next instant, I felt my body slam into the concrete. I heard my own voice, as if it were coming from somewhere else, calling to Collin. He was trying to help me up.
I couldn't stand up.
I was stunned, I think, by the severity of the blow. Collin finally got me up on my feet.  A car stopped. A woman called out to us. "Do you need help?" I thanked the woman for stopping. That was when I realized that the heavy metal bracelet I was wearing was bent on my wrist. I didn't think I'd ever get it off.
Collin helped me get up to Arby's so I could sit for a while. I was still dazed. And my face was bloodied. When I fell, my eyeglasses were pushed up into my face. That, I think, is how my nose was broken. It's not a serious break. It still looks normal and won't be malformed when it heals. It just hurts like hell and wearing glasses is no picnic. I'm bruised all over. Big, ugly, purple bruises. When I'm tempted to whine about the pain, I remind myself that it could have a whole lot worse.
I think I'll just say I got it in a fight....  


  1. It's the shock of the moment that made it hard for you to stand up, and it's good that you had Collin with you.

  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you! You're right though, it could've been worse. Hopefully it heals quickly, and you might be able to work it into a story, right? Silver lining?

  3. Norma, omg, please be ok. I am so sorry. I hate falls. At least you acted quickly and no doubt saved your skull for sure.

  4. You are a fighter. Oh no, now I'm worried--did they check everything out at the hospital?
    Do you remember everything? Do you know you are a
    famous novelist with many, many friends who will
    go kick that concrete sidewalk to hell?
    Remember that wonderful song by Cat Stevens--"Hard Headed Woman?" I'm singing it just for you!

  5. I love you guys!

    The fracture is very minor. It's not even bandaged. I'm told it will heal with no trace that it was ever broken.

    Eve, the song may be more appropriate than you think! My parents used to say if I hit anything other than my head, I might actually get hurt....

  6. We'll line up to take out that concrete sidewalk.

  7. And then we can all share a jail cell for destruction of public property.

    Thanks, guys!

  8. Norma !

    Just what do you think your doing.....
    No more falling. Please !
    When I first looked at that photo I thought maybe I should break my nose if I could look that good.... shows you were my mind wanders.

    Take care and no more trying to beat the yellow light !
    Love the sidewalk painting.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Aw, Norma!!!:( Glad you're okay! Take care, lady.

  10. Oh dear, Norma. Lot's of things happen when I go to work. Oh my...well, feel better soon. Good thing we wrtiers done't type with our noses.

  11. Oh man Norma. My nose hurts just thinking about this. :-(

  12. I remember when you told me about this, and I wished then that I could rush to your side to maybe hold the icebag to your face or at the very least, give you something you could hit so that you could say that you got it from a fight.

    Thankfully you are ok. Or, as ok as you can be. Heal quickly, and thank goodness that Collin was there with you. Love you, and you know that I'm here for ya. (((HUGS)))


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