Friday, July 8, 2011

The World vs. Casey Anthony

Well, maybe not the whole world. Just most of it.

Shortly after the verdict was read, lightning struck a makeshift memorial for Caylee. Does this mean someone in a very high place is unhappy with the verdict? Many think that's exactly what it means.

This young woman has been called the most hated person in the world--now that Osama bin Laden is dead. She's been kept isolated from other prisoners during her three years of incarceration--and with good reason. Even in prison, child killers don't fare well. What's that you say? She was found not guilty? Might I point out that one of the jurors who acquitted her said, and I quote, "Not guilty doesn't mean innocent."

No, it doesn't. And while I'm expressing my personal opinions here, in this case it's an opinion shared by most people interviewed on TV and radio and just about everyone I know personally. As St. Louis radio personality Cornbread put it, one does not have to be Columbo to connect the dots in this case. 

Consider: party girl Casey didn't report Caylee missing for a month. In that month, she was caught on video and in photographs, smiling, laughing, shopping, partying. She got a tattoo: "Life is Beautiful" (in Italian). I would have been going nuts if my child were missing. Collin's thirty-two and I still occasionally threaten to put a tracking device on him!

But Casey's child was missing and her life was beautiful? She looked guilty as hell, carefree and unconcerned...while her baby's small body was rotting somewhere, not even permitted a decent burial by her selfish mother. I wonder what Caylee was thinking in her final moments on this earth? I wonder if Casey ever thinks about it?

Somehow, I doubt it.

My initial response to her arrest was: no surprise. She couldn't have been more obvious if she had that tattooed on her forehead. They'd put her away. She qualified for the death penalty, which most of us believed would be the outcome. Some felt life in prison without parole would be the better option. Let her live with what she did for the rest of her unnatural life. But would a woman without conscience really be living with it? The only suffering this girl would likely do would be in thinking about all the fun she'd be missing. Today's Dr. Nancy Snyderman calls her a sociopath. That may be the kindest description that will ever be made of her.

Enter legal ringmaster Jose Baez--and yes, he was a ringmaster. This trial was less a legal procedure than a three-ring circus, with Mr. Baez throwing out one ridiculous idea after another like a circus juggler: Casey was sexually abused by her father and was afraid of him (yet she, an adult, was still living in his home)...Caylee accidentally drowned in the family's pool and her father arranged a cover-up (the man's a former policeman and he didn't immediately call 911?)...Cindy Anthony, not Casey, was doing all of those internet searches on chloroform because she was looking for chlorophyll (except she wasn't even at home when the searches were conducted). Maybe they should have stuck with the faux nanny story. Oh, wait a minute...the police had already proven that was a lie. Can't use that one, have to come up with something new.

Again, this is just my personal opinion, but I believe the defense's whole case was created with the full cooperation of the Anthony family. I suspect her father knew he was going to be accused of incest and her mother was prepared in advance to claim she was the one doing the internet searches. Dad would be outraged, Mom would be apologetic. They were prepared to do whatever was necessary to get Casey acquitted.      

Reasonable doubt...cast suspicion on all of them and no one gets convicted. As I've been telling Collin for years, our judicial system is a bad joke. Civil suits are won by whoever has the deepest pockets. Criminal cases are won with a few creative lies.

Now, Casey will be free to do whatever she wishes...and she will likely profit from it.  Book deals, movie deals...ethics and morals mean nothing where the opportunity to make big money exists. It's all about the bottom line for publishers and moviemakers.

Speaking of that all-important bottom line, was financial gain the objective for the juror who has already hired a publicist and agreed to do interviews...for a price? Think about this: if Casey had been convicted, there would have been interest in the jurors, sure. But if they let her off, there would be--and was--a media frenzy.

I, for one, will not buy any books or see any movies from which Casey, the Anthony family, their legal team or any member of that jury will profit...and I ask all of you to boycott them as well. In fact, I suggest that a law be proposed that would prohibit jurors from profiting from trials on which they serve.

Now, there's some confusion as to when Casey Anthony will actually be released. This morning on Today, OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark suggested this might be deliberate in order to protect Casey Anthony from an outraged community.

I wonder why they feel she needs to be protected? She was found not guilty, after all.... 


  1. This trial has, of course, made headlines beyond the States. I think it's interesting that the juror would have remarked that... "Not guilty doesn't mean innocent." It's quite telling, isn't it?

    I've long thought that the woman's a sociopath, so I doubt the legal system is done with her.

  2. Just reading on your blog again about how she didn't report it for a month and was skin is crawling right now. Any woman who loses a child and doesn't immediately fall to pieces and scream for help...there is something seriously wrong with her!!! Obviously she did it, and it's a shame that our courts are such a joke. I'm with you; I'll boycott any movies, books, etc. that she might profit from. Omg, cases like this make me so incredibly angry...I seriously need to go calm down!

  3. My mother lost me for a month and went nuts when I was a toddler. My parents had a huge argument and my dad hid me at these strange people's house. I was lucky but little Caylee was not.

  4. Here in Canada, Karla Holmolka served only 12 years because she ratted on her husband, even though she was probably worse than he was. She got a couple of College or University degrees here for being an intigator of the murders of two young girls. Hubby, well, he's still serving life and is also segragated from the rest of the jailees.
    It's sad when these people get away with murder...literally! May she rot in hell...well, that's just my opinion.

  5. I think this verdict took us all by surprise. It was unbelievable, that she gets to run free.

  6. I so agree with you.
    In fact when OJ was to do some cable (?) show/interview whatever, I call up my cable company and said if they showed this program I would cancel their service... I think lots of people did because the show was canceled.

    When I was 6 months pregnant will my second child my x lost our son while buying beer with his dad at Dogers Stadium.
    I went ballistic !
    The police were right on it and I searched every Men's bathroom checking them out in case someone had dragged him in there.
    We think he had walked after someone who's legs looked like my x because my x couldn't watch his son for two seconds while I took his mother to the bathroom.... argh !

    I was with the police when I heard they found a little boy who said his name was Popeye. That was David ! for a whole year he called himself Popeye. What a kid ! I lurve him !

    That memory still haunts me.
    My newborn baby girl died a few months later so the implications of that day are more than horrific.

    So I really don't understand the trial, the jury or that person (?) who calls herself a mother.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. I boycott all movies and books related to anything like this so I'd definitely boycott this, too. Karla Homolka (a Canadian woman who went to prison for helping her husband Paul Bernardo kidnap, rape and murder two young women) was let out of prison a few years ago and they made a movie about her. It's disgusting and so disrespectful for the families of the victims. Casey might be the most hated person in the world, but Karla is definitely the most hated in Canada - she got a new identity and protection when she was released from prison.

  8. We know she's guilty. As for her parents...well, I believe we'll see Casey again like Vanderslooth. Everything comes full circle and time tells the truth. But really, she needs to have her ovaries removed. No more babies for her.

  9. What was really pathetic about this case is that the prosecution went forward knowing there were a lot of holes in their evidence. It's a capital murder trial! Why the hell would they go in if they could not absolutely connect the accused directly to the murder!? I think they were hoping to get jury sympathy for her being a shitty parent but unfortunately, just like stupidity, that's not illegal.

    Any lawyer will also tell you that being found "not guilty" does not mean "found innocent". In the united states, there is absolutely no verdict that finds someone innocent and there is a huge difference. Being found not guilty simply means the prosecution was unable to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

  10. I often wonder what rights our children have under the law. The prosecutors certainly working in Caylee's best interest.


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