Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eve's Prayer

Today I had something else planned for this blog, but my dear friend and fellow writer/blogger/WMD member Eve recently posted such a beautiful poem on her blog, The Desert Rocks, I asked--and received--permission to reprint it here. Do check out Eve's blog, and if you're not already a follower, start now. She's a very talented writer and a first class human being. Knowing her is an inspiration in itself, and I am so honored to be able to call her my friend.


The trumpets sound-
The call is made.
God looks down
You’re not afraid.

Repetitive words constantly
Mumbled in heart-wrenching angst.
You close your eyes and try again,
Reaching upward through the ranks.
Maybe the grandparents can help--
Saints might hear your need--
The disciples are listening,
The Virgin Mary offers relief.
Angels please—


Your desperate plea—


It’s like a scream in your head.
Clasping your hands
‘Fore entering bed,
You urge the Almighty
To spring into action-
Garbling words with sorrowful passion-
Tears flowing-
Spent and alone-
Rooster’s crowing-
You try it again.

The trumpets sound-
The call is made.
God looks down
You’re not afraid.


  1. Evie is such a beautiful, wonderful person...and a great poet too! I love her and all her works. Norma's right...if you're not a follower, you should be. Thanks Evie and Norma!

  2. It's such a strong poem, very vivid, and Eve's a terrific person.

    Like Norma and Beth have said... if you're not already following the Desert Rocks, you should be.

  3. Thank you Norma for featuring my poem. Wow, I'm blushing. The feeling is mutual. I am honored too.
    Big time!

  4. Love the words and the word pictures it brings to mind. Very cool. Eve did a great job. I will pop over and peruse her blog. Thanks for the head's up, Norma.

  5. That's so touching, Eve. Truly a work of art.

  6. I have stopped by her blog several times and we are alike as we are desert dwellers. Different deserts.
    Wonderful poem.
    Thanks for the post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Very beautiful and powerful. And yes, it is very important to ask then receive permission to repost!;)

  8. Yes, even from a friend. As we all know, not everyone thinks asking permission is necessary.

  9. This is indeed a powerful poem.

  10. Wow! This is a wonderful poem. Oh, wow. Eve, I didn't know you wrote poetry. Can you share this and other poems you've written in 'Poetry Corner that is both on Facebook and on WD site?


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