Monday, September 26, 2011

10-4, Good Buddy!

Hey there, White Knight, got your ears on?

When I posted my CB radio blog last week, I knew I'd do another one. I've got a lot of happy memories of the days when CBs were at the height of their popularity. Almost everyone I knew had one back then, and they came in handy. Mostly, though, they were just plain fun. Some of the handles were hilarious--one of my cousins was known as Left Nut--and the lingo even funnier. For those who are uninitiated, see for yourself at the CB Gazette!

Atthat time, we lived off a narrow, winding road in Jefferson County.Sometimes, during the winter, we'd be snowed in for days. One particularly bad winter, one of our neighbors had gone to work. A winter storm moved in later in the morning, and by the time she got off work, road conditions were hazardous. She and her husband not only had CBs intheir vehicles, they had a base unit in their home--so Shirley was able to communicate with Larry throughout her difficult drive home.
With less than two miles to go, Shirley got stuck. There was a steep hill on our road that was ice-covered that day. Drivers who had tried and failed to make it to the top were either parked off to the side or stubbornly spinning their wheels but going nowhere.

Aftera few failed attempts, Shirley gave up. Slumped over her steering wheel, she began to cry into her microphone. "I can't do it,Larry," she told her hubby.
TheCB came to life. "Sure you can, honey," a trucker told her. "We'll help you."
A handful of truckers, experienced in navigating icy roads, stayed on the air with her and helped her get up that hill.

Since posting my last CB blog, Collin has been inspired. He's decided he wants a base unit. We live near the interstate, lots of truckers around...this could be fun! If you happen to have a CB and come across Dandy Lion on channel 19, hope you'll say hello! 


  1. Dandy Lion indeed....I suspect you're both going to have fun with that!

    I had a look at those CB terms... Lady Bear and Peter Rabbit stood out particularly for me.

  2. I figured anything with bears would appeal to you!

  3. Gee, I'm trying to think of a name...

    The lingo must be like learning a second language. Since I haven't mastered a second language, I doubt I'd do very well...but, they always sounded fun.

  4. In Secondhand Shoes, BJ Clemmons is the trucker who always shows up at the right time when some mucsle or wheels are needed. But then again, he's also trading bodies with Julio, Lila's x-boyfriend.

  5. I knew a lady with several kids who used her base station to stay in contact with her husband when he was driving truck -- it was the only thing that kept her sane.

  6. Geez, Norma. It's worth getting one just to talk to you two.

  7. Now I want a CB. I live right near I-84, I might have some fun with it.


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