Monday, September 19, 2011

Breaker, Breaker, We Have a 10-33 in Progress....

How many of you remember the CB (citizens band) radio?
I bought my dad a CB radio for Christmas one year. I thought he'd have fun with it...but as it turned out, Mom had most of the fun.

We all chose "handles," our on-air names. They were all cat names. Dad was Big Cat, Mom was Fat Cat, and since my astrological sign is Leo, I was Dandy Lion. Dad and I already knew a lot of CB lingo. Teaching Mom proved to be extremely entertaining.

Dad was having a problem mounting it in the car, so he told Mom to call her brother, my Uncle Tom, to see how he'd dealt with the problem. I told her to tell him she was a 10-33.
Thatperplexed him a bit. "Lolly, a 10-33 is a wreck," Tom toldher.
Forsome reason, Mom didn't think that was funny.
I told her if she ever encountered difficulties on the air when she was alone, she should explain that she was a "green apple"(rookie) and someone would give her answers. One day, she was driving to my grandfather's house. She started chatting with a guy online and said she was heading south on I-44. (I-44 runs east-west.)
"You must be lost," he told her. "I-44 don't run south!"
"Sorry," she said. "I'm a green apple."
A short time later, as she reached her exit, the radio came to life again: "Hey Green Apple! Where are you?"

When she finally did get the hang of it, she put it to good use--in locating garage sales. It turned out several garage sale addicts were on the air every Wednesday morning, swapping stories and bargaining info. The guru of the CB garage sale crowd was a woman who called herself Garage Sale Gertie and always knew where all the best sales were.
This made Mom an extremely happy Fat Cat. 


  1. My only experience with a CB radio was to find out the location of a donut shop. The kind trucker who told me the exit number said I owed him a donut. "You're cutting out. krsh..krsh"

  2. It's an American hobby... I certainly can't recall it being common on this side of the border.

    Dandy Lion, huh?

  3. Oh William, you sound like a snob! LOL
    Norma, what a sweet memory about your mom talking on the CB and calling herself a Green Apple.
    Very cute story.

  4. @ William: the CB craze might have been before your time....

    @ Karla: there's an easy way to find any donut shop: follow the police cars. And if you want to know about the quality of the donuts, drive by around 5:30am and count the police cars on the parking lot.

  5. Breaker breaker, this is Lazy Dog. Fun blog! CBs were the prehistoric version of Chat Boards.

  6. Your post brings back memories. Remeber the song, "Convoy?" Keep truckin. 10-4, good buddy!

  7. I've only known one person who had a CB radio...on this side of the border...but, I think William is's a trucker and American thing.

    However, it does sound like a lot of fun though.

  8. What a fond memory. We had a CB for years. You never knew what you'd hear. We were heading through a Nevada town and caught the local prostitutes calling to all truckers. At least CB's were easy to use, compared to all our nowadays gadgets.

  9. Wow . . . the old CB radios, one of the only things that will work if the Flash Storm happens. I still remember my grandfather's handle: Blue Diamond because he drove a big, blue van that he overpaid for.

  10. I used to have a CB ... it was at about the time when the song "Convoy" was popular.

  11. Wow, but there are a lot of young people posting here.

    I was never a trucker, but in by 20's, I had a CB in both of my vehicles and a base station at the house. If anyone remembers the old song on the radio about the "White Knight", I had that handle long before the song came out.

    *sigh* I'll bet no one even remembers what "shooting skip" means. Times have changed and I'm getting older by the minute.

  12. Fun post! We had a cb radio, but I don't think we ever got it to work. My whole family is nontechnical!


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