Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sexy, Like Beauty, is in the Eye of the Beholder

People magazine just published the annual Sexiest Man Alive list for 2011. I'll admit that I agree with some of their choices, but there were some glaring omissions on their list. So...with a little help from my friends Beth and Christina, here is our idea of sexy men:

Chris Hemsworth: he may not be a god, but he played one in Thor. And he's got one heavenly body!

Beth likes Chris' kid brother Liam Hemsworth. So does Miley Cyrus. The Hemsworth family has to have the best genes in Australia!

Christina picked Sam Worthington. Gotta admit, he's pretty easy on the eyes....

Christina and Beth both had the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, on their list. I, however, have a preference for the previous 007, Pierce Brosnan....

He's one of those men who improves with age, as does my longtime favorite, Ewan McGregor.

And speaking of men who improve with age, no list of sexy men would be complete without George Clooney! (Could this man ever take a bad photograph?)

Looking for a hero? How about Captain America himself, Chris Evans?

Or maybe you prefer the animal magnetism of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman....

Or another of Beth's picks, the new Captain James T. Kirk, Chris Pine (oh, those lucky green women)!

And last but far from least, Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford!

Have we missed anyone? Tell me who you think is the Sexiest Man Alive...Still Alive...or even No Longer Alive!

November 26th: I omitted a couple of really hot guys here. I should be flogged! But here, to make amends, are Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. (this photo gives a woman all kinds of naughty ideas)...

...and the sexiest dude in any swamp, Kermit the Frog!

Okay, I had a few reservations about including Kermit. You all know how jealous Miss Piggy is, and she's got a mean right hook!

And if you all would like to see a collection of the hottest chicks around, head on over to William's blog, Speak of the Devil, immediately!


  1. Now that's a good list!

    And the first one who suggests Carrot Top for sexiest man of the world gets a winter with ninety feet of snow.

  2. Oh, please! It's bad enough that People put Seth MacFarlane on their list! I wonder how much he paid them?

  3. Seth McFarlane isn't sexy... and he's got an obnoxious personality, which makes it all the worse.

    He bribed them a small fortune.

  4. He's as unappealing as the shows he created!

  5. Well, see....I can think of other men besides the undead kind...who?

    I picked Chris Pine because of his to look into, I'll bet!

    Great list...!

  6. BTW, who the hell would EVER pick Carrot Top???

  7. She's a saint then! I like Jason Momoa(Conan the Barbarian, but I loved his roles as Rhonon in Stargate Atlantis the best). I have also always liked Vin Diesel. It's safe to say that if my hubby goes bald I will still be attracted to him. Lucky man!

  8. Hey, bald can be very sexy! Some men look better that way.

  9. Well, I noticed I'm not on that list which is good. I may be mean, but I'm not so cruel as to show the world what I look like without a shirt on.

  10. Ha ha! Thanks for posting my picks!:) I just saw a commercial for the next Sherlock Holmes movie and was reminded of another favorite Robert Downey Jr.!!!

  11. Oh, yes! Of course Iron Man should be on the list!

  12. I don't know a lot of these hunks because I'm still stuck on old Clint. Of course Ryan Gosling reminds me of my current man at a young age. Thanks for the eye candy.

  13. I could look at old Errol Flynn movies all day long. That is one gorgeous guy!

  14. You have the most interesting subject(s) for your post today !
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    cheers, parsnip

  15. Oh boy... what a treat stopping by here, Norma. lol I like your selection better. These are some swoon worthy men for sure.... wouldn't kick any of them outta bed. *gasp* um, did I just write that aloud? lol
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! peace and love!

  16. Give PK a break, William. These guys aren't eye candy, they're eye crack. Highly addictive.

    And don't forget that you promised us a list of sexiest chicks by the weekend!

  17. Miss Piggy is dangerous when crossed, you know!

  18. That's what worries me. She's one bad swine!

  19. Nice pics. I would refer to any of them as sexiest men.

  20. I agree with George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Ewan MacGregor and Pierce Brosnan (he was really hot in Remington Steele)! I would add Tom Selleck. He was sexy in Magnum PI and he is still sexy today in Blue Bloods.

  21. Now how did I forget Tom Selleck? I loved Magnum, too!


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