Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snowmageddon? Well, Not Quite, But....

I had planned to post something entirely different today, but nature intervened.

Snow. A four-letter word if there ever was one. We'd known it was coming for a couple of days. No, a major snow event was not predicted, but it was news nonetheless. We haven't had much snow this year. Some people actually wanted it. (Ah,'re not the only one, after all.)  Collin was supposed to be off work today, Friday and Saturday, but he volunteered to fill in for a co-worker today. If he ever does that again, I will lock him in his room until he comes to his senses.

The snow came, as you can see in this graphic from our local CBS affiliate, KMOV-TV. Not a lot, but when accompanied by a bitter, gusty wind and freefalling temps, it made for treacherous driving. There have been a multitude of accidents. The public was warned to stay home unless travel was absolutely necessary. Even public transportation is running about an hour behind schedule--not because of road conditions, but because of all the accidents. That's bad.

Still, Collin went to work. He called a cab and was upset when it was late picking him up.

I am now wondering if I was given the wrong baby at the hospital. When I was out in the workforce, I did not go to work in such conditions. I called in. I did not make up stories about being sick or anything like that, because my bosses wouldn't have bought it anyway. No, I was direct with them:

"I'm not coming in today. It's snowing, it's slick. And frankly, you don't pay me enough to risk my life. The world will not end if Southwestern Bell doesn't get their promotional crap today."

Surprisingly, I was not fired. But then, they were used to it. When I was called in for my job review, I was asked, "Where do you want to be five years from now?"

My answer: "Not here."

Collin, however, takes his job far too seriously.  He gets his work ethic from my dad, who would--and did--go to work with pneumonia once. This is one of the many perks of being a writer: working at home. Not having to go out in nasty weather. Not having an impossible boss. Not having to deal with traffic. 

I just heard sirens. According to the local TV news, there's a fatal accident nearby. I'm glad Collin is already at work....


  1. Weatherpeople seem to graduate into the service ready to panic at the slightest flake of glorious snow.

    And on a day like that, when one isn't inclined to love the weather, that's what staying in with a good cup of hot chocolate is for.

  2. Actually, that was a great boss you had. I remember one girl called work to say that she couldn't make it in. They MADE her come in, that her job would be on the line. With a young family, she tried to go in. She was killed on the way to work. After that, if you said you couldn't make it in, they couldn't say anything to you. However, it shouldn't have taken a death to make them see that.

    I'm glad Collin made it to work ok.

  3. You must be getting our snow. We have had a month and a half of good weather which is making all the natives restless.

    Have a good day - and good writing-

  4. William: That's what I'm doing!

    Beth: I would have let them fire me.

    Cyn: If this is your snow, would you please take it back? We don't want it!

  5. Stay warm, Norma! We don't get snow, basically ever, down here in South Texas. I've almost forgotten what it looks, smells and feels like. : )


  6. I'm so jealous! I feel like eveyone is getting snow but me. We might get a little bit this weekend but not a lot. And it was over 50 today! I get really pissed when it's the dead of winter in MD and it almost 60 freaking degrees.
    Well, you be careful if you do get out and like William said, hot cocoa!

    1. One winter when I lived an KC,Mo I remember walking home one afternoon and this gentle wet (?) snow just came straight down and down and down. It was so quiet and in the matter of a few hours everything was completely deeply covered and needless to say I didn't go to work the next day. Not much went anywhere that day.
      I used to garage my car every winter and took the bus to work.
      Glad that Collin got to work OK.

      cheers, parsnip

  7. I like the word snowmageddon. Snow is beautiful and yet horrid to drive in, I am so glad you and your family are safe.

  8. We only had a few inches (so far -- they're predicting another 2-4), which is nothing for this area -- but that 35-40 mph sustained wind is wreaking havoc.


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