Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If It's Broke, Fix It!

Warning: I'm on my soapbox again!

A comment made by April to my previous post gave me an idea. In today's economic climate, it's been necessary for many families to move into apartments. Still, it's not fair to expect those of us whose children are grown, those who are childless by choice and those who are retired and deserve to live in peace and quiet to have other people's children forced upon us.

April suggested the children should be provided a specific play area. I'll take that one step further and say that it should be made a law that any apartment buildings that allow children should be required to provide a playground for them.

And I'm going to actively push for such a law.

TV would be the perfect place to start. One of our local stations has a regular segment on the evening news called "I'm Just Sayin'," where viewers can go on the air and present their views on various topics. It would be the perfect forum to address this growing problem. Just as there are laws regarding how many people can occupy an apartment, there needs to be a law regarding children annoying other tenants.

Those of you who read my blog regularly or even saw my last post know I've had some serious problems with kids in my neighborhood playing soccer outside my door. I had a previous situation involving ball playing when we lived on the other side of the complex. A boy, sometimes by himself, sometimes with a rather obnoxious girl, would bounce his ball off the landing next to our apartment--which more often than not ended with it crashing into my door, living room window, or patio chairs. After telling him repeatedly to stop, I got enough. The ball landed on my patio--and I grabbed it.

That kid looked at me as if he might cry. I didn't have the heart to keep it. I gave it back to him and told him I didn't want my windows broken. If he could promise to keep the ball away from them, we'd get along just fine. He did...and it never happened again. 

But that won't work in this situation. These kids started out reasonably polite. Even when I yelled at them, they wouldn't talk back. But after Daddy joined the game, they presumed (incorrectly) that I would be afraid of Big Bad Daddy and wouldn't dare say or do anything. Wrong. It just made me even more determined to put an end to way or another.

I wish I could post the photos here. I got eleven new ones yesterday afternoon for my evidence file. One of particular interest is one boy right in front of my door, kicking the ball. He was brazen--I had the door open and was taking that photo openly. Right behind him is the "No Ball Playing" sign. And in the background, one of our maintenance men. This kid is going on as if he's doing nothing wrong. What's wrong with that picture?

I read that Homeland Security deported over 53,000 illegal immigrants in January alone. I wonder if they'd like a few more? Please?


  1. Bravo!

    They learn from their parents, who have little regard for anything remotely resembling a rule, so they go straight ahead and do exactly the same.

    Maybe the threat of eviction might get these morons in line...

    1. IF our manager will evict them. I don't know that she will. Somehow, I doubt it. That would be the only thing that will end this permanently. Otherwise, they might stop for a few days, but they'll be back. They act like they own the place!

  2. Norma, get on the bus and move back here!! There are no kids anywhere near here but I get grown men hitting their golf balls into my backyard! LOL

    1. But Eve--that would be trading one kind of nuisance ball for another kind of nuisance ball!

      When I was 16, kids were throwing rocks in the street outside our house. I got caught in the crossfire and ended up in the hospital for three months--complications from a cerebral contusion. If that were to happen here, I would sue...because the sign that's posted isn't worth the metal it's printed on, as it's clearly not enforced.

  3. I am taking photos like you are, of dumb stupid people...
    you need to post them around the building, send them to the manager and the radio station sounds like a good idea. Can you call the police ? destructive behavior is destructive behavior.
    They are counting on you to give up and move.

    With the turn coat Janet at the helm of homeland security don't expect help.
    When she was the Governor of Arizona she was always screaming at Bush but the second Obama was elected and she got the Washington job, by magic in just one day there are no problems along the border....
    wahahahahahaha..... ohhhhhhh, I hurt myself laughing so hard.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Parsnip--stupid people is the one species that will sadly never be extinct.

      Yes, I'm told I can call the police, but will need evidence. Hence the photos and videotapes. I think I can post the photos online as long as I only use the ones in which the faces aren't visible. I am planning to take my complaint to the company that owns the property.

  4. Norma,

    I totally agree with you. And you should go on the TV program and put this view forward. there should be a law for all apartment complexes to have play areas. About posting photos, just be careful about children under age 18 (hide faces are something). Good luck! Honestly, I know how annoying it can be. It is true, people today don't like to obey rules and some (including adults) can be very inconsiderate! Take care!

    1. Thanks, Lena! I've done both TV and radio before, promoting my books, so I think I can do it without falling on my face!

      These people and their children are in clear violation of the terms set forth in our leases and should be given notice to move.

  5. They really need a lesson in manners and respect.

    From a biker.

    1. They're obviously not learning those things from their parents.

  6. I think there should be a law. I feel for the kids, but they should learn some respect and when there ARE rules in place, they need to abide by them.

  7. The girls run around here laughing and yelling and having a good time and they bother no one. But the manager sent a memo to everyone saying the kids who wanted to play ball would have to do so at the park. They paid no attention to that.

    It's been peaceful here the past couple of days, but it won't last. It never does. They'll start up again by the weekend. There won't be anyone in the office and Gladys Kravitz always looks the other way.


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