Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Baby Turns 33 Today!

As if I wasn't already feeling old--make that OLD--today is Collin's birthday. 33--it doesn't seem possible it's been 33 years since I screamed like a banshee in the delivery room. I still have some of the stretch marks, for crying out loud!

That was a night I will never forget. I went into labor in the middle of the night. At 2am, Mom had to get out of bed and drive me to the hospital. I didn't even realize I was in labor. And in spite of having had a baby herself, not to mention having delivered countless puppies and pigs, neither did Mom. Dad was the one who roused Mom from a sound sleep to tell her it was time to head for St. Agony's. Okay, the hospital's name is really St. Anthony's, but....

Collin was born on his due date. Does anyone know what the odds are of delivering on the due date without inducing labor? It's much the same as being struck by lightning or winning the lottery, I think.

Dad always said Collin's looks didn't change. He just got bigger....

Here he is at six weeks old--with the Easter Bunny!

It's been said that laughter is healthy. Dad said if that's true
Collin had to be the healthiest baby in the world. He was always

Newport Beach, CA. Age 9 months.

One of my favorite photos of him. Mom and Dad had it 
taken for me as a Christmas gift.

On a Greyhound bus, in Indio, CA. 
We were en route to St. Louis.
A trip I won't soon forget.

Dad thought this was a clever way to let Collin cool off in 
hot weather. The neighborhood kids all came to see him.
"He's cute," they always said. "Is he mean?"
They assumed since he was my son....

He always got to lick the bowl!

Christmas 1984

Being eaten by Pac-Man, 1985

Yep. Travolta's outfit from Saturday Night Fever!

School photo, 1986

One of many bowling trophies!

At Six Flags, age 12...

With pro wrestler Rosey, also known as Super Hero In Training.

And with our pastor, John Morden, who has a birthday next week. Happy Birthday, PJ!

It's still hard to believe that the years have passed so quickly. The tiny baby I brought home from St. Agony's is a man now--though I still refuse to acknowledge it most of the time. I tell him when he's 80, he'll still be my baby. He tells me when he's 80, I'll be dead....


  1. He was definitely a cute toddler! A very happy birthday to him!

    Very appropriate, I think, to use the terms "screaming like a banshee" and St. Agony's for this one! You got me laughing straight off!

    1. The psychiatric department is in a separate building. Dubbed Fantasy Island, according to one of their former trauma nurses.

  2. Love the post. Happy Birthday to your son. I feel the same, my eldest is now 32, I also have a 30 year old and a 28 year old. Time flies!

  3. Awwww, very cute. Love looking at baby/toddler pictures!

    Happy Birthday Collin!!

    1. There's one photo he wouldn't let me include. He was maybe two months old. In his bathtub. Full monty.

  4. Happy Birthday to your son Collin and yes, he'll always be your baby! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    1. I had a hard time deciding which pics to use. There's 33 years worth of photos here!

  5. awwwwwwwwwww, great photos and commentary.
    When my oldest turned 33 I was stunned !
    I know what day they were born and can tell you in detail about everything that happened on their day but the year always escapes me.
    Numbers are a black hole for me.

    Happy Birthday Collin...
    A big Yee Haw from Tucson !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Numbers are a black hole for me, too. I can't even balance a checkbook!

  6. Happy Birthday to Collin! What a great photo album. The Pac-Man pic was my favorite among favorites. I laughed when I read "St. Agony's!" Perfect!

    1. The Pac-Man photo was taken at a street festival. It was too good to pass up!

  7. Norma,

    Happy Birthday to Collin! I hope he enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing these cute photos. Yes, I tell my kids they'll always be my babies and you can imagine my 12 year old frowning at me because he thinks he is already a man! They grow up way too fast! Take care, Norma!

  8. Happy Birthday, Collin! Norma, I loved all the pictures--what a precious, happy baby. And even though he's a man now, he's still your baby. I understand completely! My oldest just turned 13 and told me he wasn't my baby anymore. I corrected him and told him he'd always be my baby:)!

  9. What a wonderful journey through the years with Collin! I hope he has a very happy birthday.


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