Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review ~ The Descendants (DVD)

George Clooney is more than just a pretty face.

Just in case you didn't already know that, see The Descendants. In my opinion, this is the best film he's made to date. Clooney is a movie star who can still morph into a character, unlike some movie stars who come across on screen as movie stars just playing someone else (Tom Cruise, I'm talking about you). In this film, he's a lawyer named Matt King whose risk-taking wife is on life support, having been critically injured in a water skiing accident. He's also dealing with two daughters, both having trouble coping with their mother's absence.

Then he finds out his wife had been having an affair and was planning to leave him. As he searches for answers, he struggles to hold his family together, spearhead the sale of his family's ancestral land, and eventually make a decision as to whether or not to keep his wife on life support. When he sets out to find and confront the real estate broker his wife was seeing, with his daughters and eldest daughter Alex's dopey friend Sid in two, the family begins to bond.

Clooney, a confirmed bachelor in real life, is spot-on as a husband and father here. As his daughters, Alex and Scottie, Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller are also wonderful. I especially liked Nick Krause as Alex's always inappropriate friend Sid. This guy was a genius when it came to ticking people off. Beau Bridges is good, as always, as one of Matt's cousins, Hugh, a long-haired, Hawaiian-shirted land baron.

But the real star of this movie is Hawaii, and never has it looked more beautiful. The cinematography shows off the lush paradise to the max, providing such a stunning backdrop for the family's turmoil that you'll run, not walk, to your nearest travel agent.

I confess: I've been a fan of George Clooney's ever since he played Sela Ward's love interest in the late '80s TV series Sisters...but this actor isn't getting older, he's getting better. Much better. 


  1. An outstanding review, Norma! It's a film I hadn't had a chance to see in the theatres. I'll have to remedy that!

  2. I actually have never liked anything Clooney did. Ever. And I rented Descendants, because if Norma recommends something a person has to listen.

    It was an excellent story, told in an excellent way, with a beautiful backdrop just as Norma said. I ended up thinking,"Perhaps Clooney can act." The film itself made me feel something deep and I like that.

    1. Carole! You know what happens to lemmings when they follow blindly!

      Just kidding.

      I'm glad you liked it.

  3. ooh, this sounds just my sort of movie. I do not watch many, but enjoy a good one now and then. Great review.

  4. I should go see it because my manuscript takes place in Hawaii. I like men who are unique like Adrien Brody and Diego Luna. I guess since I'm married to the world's handsomest dude, it's hard for me to appreciate George.

  5. I have wanted to see this movie. So I will add it to my netflix.
    I like George Clooney and I though he was very good in Syriana, even though it was a hard movie, for me to watch.

    Wonderful review.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. One of my favourite Clooney films has to be Good Night And Good Luck.

  7. This is an outstanding review! I really loved watching this movie. I have really enjoyed watching all of the Clooney films that I have watched.

  8. I agree with you about Hawaii - it looks amazing - as does George! As for the movie, though... meh. I wasn't blown away.

  9. Oh, I've got to see this! Norma, wonderful review! George Clooney is one of my favorite actors--as well as my "homeboy":)!


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