Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Blogger: Devon Cooper

Today I'm turning the blog over to a talented new author, Devon Cooper, who has just released the ebook edition of her first novel Bad Day, at Amazon. I've read this very humorous novel and can honestly give it a wholehearted recommendation. I hope that after you've read Devon's post, you'll head over to Amazon and buy a copy!

Take it away, Devon!

Thank you, Norma for allowing me to come into your blog and talk about my debut novel, Bad Day.

Everyone has bad days. And, if you’ve ever had a really bad, bad day, you’ll understand how the characters in the book feel.

Writing a story that takes place over only one day wasn’t easy. It didn’t start out that it was going to take place over one day, but as I continued to write, and add other characters and scenes, it just sort of wrote itself that way. From the beginning prologue, you can feel the stress and tension building.

I got the idea for the story by bringing in a lot of my own experiences into the novel. I mean, everyone has bad days. I used a lot of my own memories from the past as some of my characters' past memories. I used these experiences readily throughout the story, of course, embellishing them to make them funny or sad, or loving. Since each individual has their own set of fears and experiences, I needed to show the reason for those fears and experiences, and why they felt the way they did.

A couple of years back, I’d started a story but it just wasn’t working out. I held onto the story, you know, just in case. I’m glad I did. The more I wrote Bad Day, the more stories I was able to work into it from this other unworkable piece. From that unfinished story, I was able to get three different memories for my characters.

The main characters are Angie and Frank, two individuals that otherwise would probably never even speak to each other. She is driven, working in a high rise building and vying for a spot on the Board of Directors. She’s about to make a presentation, but she has to get up to the top of the building first.

Frank is a construction worker working in the same high rise building with his boss, Sam. However, Frank has to get into the one thing that he fears the most. An elevator.

When Frank forgets his drill down in his truck, he has to go down to get it, and has to face his fears head on. Of course, it doesn’t help when Angie gets on the elevator. To make matters worse, the elevator, on its way back up, gets stuck, trapping the two of them.

When the fire alarm goes off, Sam doesn’t want to trust that the elevators are working, so he opts to take the stairs. But, with an old high school knee injury, his trip down the stairs is a daunting one. He has no way of knowing where Frank is, and since he left his cell phone in his truck, he cant even call his wife Joanne to let her know that hes ok.

When Joanne finds out that the high rise building has had a bomb threat called in to it, she freaks out with worry. Her life is Sam, and she has to find him. When the police check their list to see if he exited the building, his name isnt there.

Honestly, could their day get any worse?

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. And, with the help of some great people who beta read and edited it for me, I think I’ve put out a wonderful debut novel. Set in multiple first person point of view, its an easy read, one that I hope you all will enjoy.

Thanks again Norma for allowing me to come here and talk about Bad Day which is currently available at Amazon.


Thanks for sharing the story of and behind Bad Day, Devon!


  1. Hi Devon, congratulations on your debut novel. It sounds like it'll be a hit!

    1. I'm envious! This is what I'm itching to write!

  2. It was a pleasure to read the book. The characterization and pacing were ideally suited, and it's a fine achievement. I think it's something that your readers are going to relate to.

    1. If this isn't a bestseller, I'll be very surprised! I was honored to be one of its first readers.

  3. This looks like a very funny book, one that I will have to read and review...Thanks for sharing it, Norma!

    1. The author is quite talented. We should all support it!

  4. What a super idea. I like that all this has happened in one day. Haven't we all said or thought that we have lived a year in one day for good or bad.
    Since I don't have an e-book I hope this book is still out in real book form so I can buy it. I will be zooming over to Amazon right now.
    Thanks Norma for sharing.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. It will be available in paperback soon, parsnip!

  5. Congratulations, Devon! I love when a lot of crazy stuff is compressed into a single day.

  6. Congrats on publishing. Sounds like a novel concept. Good luck.


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