Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh, Canada!

No, I'm not Canadian...but since I have two family members who are, I give you a pictorial tribute to their homeland on this, Canada Day! Beth and William, this is for you....

Side by it should always be!

Churchill Falls (Labrador)

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Mount Carleton Provincial Park, New Brunswick

One of the wild horses of Sable Island, Nova Scotia...
and some seals out in the water....

Montreal, Quebec--even their cities are gorgeous!

Algonquin Provincial Park--Canada has to be one of the most
(if not the most) beautiful places on earth!

And here's one of William's friends--could he be the welcoming committee?

And here are two more of William's friends....

Ottawa--Canada's capital (yup...Canada's cities are beautiful)...

Uh, Beth...William...neither of you told me the bugs in Canada 
got to be this big....

Niagra Falls (not fair--your side looks better than ours, when there
isn't some nitwit trying to call attention to himself by traversing it on a tightrope....)

Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories...

Whitehorse, in the Yukon--a few years ago, William and I (and a few others)
had a bet that involved the loser (William) having to run naked
through the streets of Whitehorse. But you'll just have to settle for this 
beautiful photo of the aurora borealis....

Mount Odin on Baffin Island in Nunavut (is that Mount Thor in the background?)

I believe it is--here's Mount Thor (either Canada had a strong Viking
presence here--or a strong Marvel comics presence!)

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park--is there a place in Canada that isn't beautiful?

A deer in Saskatchewan--as an animal lover, I can't get enough of the wildlife here!

The polar bears of Churchill (Manitoba). Incredible!

Upper Arrow Lake in British Columbia--look at that sky!

An orca off Vancouver Island, British Columbia...I think I could spend a year north of the border and still not see everything I want to see!

Oh, no--he's back! Don't you see him? He looks hungry! RUN!!!!

Seriously...Happy Canada Day to William, Beth and all of my other Canadian blogging friends!


  1. Yes, Happy Canada Day to William and all my Canadian friends. Canadians are some of the nicest peeps on Earth. And you're right, it' some beautiful country up there... those pics speak for themselves. Oh Canada! :)

    1. Sometimes they're TOO nice, PK! No matter how anyone treats them, they smile and say, "You're the best."

      We Americans respond to idiocy with a baseball bat!

    2. Sometimes a baseball bat is the right response!

  2. LOL Some of the bugs appear that big...the black flies especially!

    Canada is a beautiful place...I've only seen the western half and one day, hopefully will get to the eastern side.

    One time my sister and I went to visit my other sister outwest. We went to my BIL's fishing boat, then he brought us back in a smaller skiff-type boat. We were right alongside of the orca whales. If we could tell when they were going to surface, we could have reached out and touched them...that's how close we were to them.

    Canada is full of'll have to come up and see it sometime.

    1. I love wildlife, Beth! (Except for those really huge bugs....)

  3. Gorgeous Norma. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and I hope the holiday is a blast for all our Northern neighbors, friends and relatives.

    1. Me, too, Evie! William's not with us today, but he said he'd try to be online for a while tomorrow. He's planning to enjoy the festivities....

  4. I am sure William will be very happy to see your post today... Wonderful photos. I love Banff National Park and would love to visit Prince Edward Island someday.
    Happy Canada Day.
    I try not to comment on other commentators, we all have a right to say what we want but as an animal lover I cringe when I hear of people bothering Wales. From what I have read it stress them out plus when you see a beached wale you can see all the damage we humans inflict on them.
    Love them but please watch from a distance.
    I support a Manatee group in Florida and it breaks your heart to see the damage we humans do.
    Love them but leave them alone.
    Sorry about the soap box, Norma.

    Happy Canada Day....

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Gayle, I agree with you--and feel free to express your concerns for animals here. I'm more than happy to provide the opportunity.

      Collin and I have supported Save the Manatee for a long time now. We adopted a couple of manatees years ago.

  5. Oh Canada, the only place where it's necessary to have moose crossing signs on the roads. I've lived here for nearly 28 years and still haven't seen everything, so surely one year wouldn't be enough, either. But from what I have seen, no, I don't believe there is a place in Canada that isn't beautiful. ;) Thanks for the lovely shout out! Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! And Happy Independence Day to you and my fellow Americans on Wednesday!

    1. I haven't seen all of my own country either, Carla. I'm afraid if I came to Canada, I'd never leave--and I don't handle the winters very well!

      I think the moose crossings are cool!

      Happy Canada Day!

    2. It's always a pleasure to see a moose in a quiet wilderness area.

    3. I knew it! You do love Rufus!

  6. Happy Canada, indeed! I hope they enjoyed it as much as we'll enjoy the Fourth. Great pictures.

  7. Lynn, I don't think Canada can take a bad photo!

  8. Quite a selection, Norma! I had to look twice at that first one... before I realized Churchill Falls can be slowed down to a much smaller amount because of the hydro works around it.

    That clifftop in Algonquin looks rather suspiciously like Centennial Ridges!

    And that giant spider outside the National Gallery does tend to keep people who have arachnophobia away. To compensate, they've recently put up a sculpture of horses nearby...

    There is, of course, a Viking history in Canada, and in fact there's a settlement of Scandinavian descendants somewhere on Hudson Bay.

  9. I'm glad you had tun celebrating your country's big day, partner.

    As for the Algonquin photo, I know Centennial Ridges holds a special place in your heart....

  10. It's a favourite spot of mine. If I need a quiet, calming moment, I just think of sitting along that clifftop.

  11. Very nice post you made for Canada Day and Sir Wills and Beth. And I'm like day late as usual.

    Happy Monday evening in Canada all.


    1. Shelly--William's doing a Fourth of July blog for those of us south of the border. I just figured they deserved the same consideration.

      I love looking at these pics as much as everyone else seems to. Except for maybe the spider!

  12. Those pictures seriously make me want to go to Canada! Beautiful!

    1. I should have gone years ago! It's magnificent!

  13. I love all the photos! I've only been to Canasa twice, but I didn't see any of those beautiful sights--will have to go again:).

    1. Me too, Maria! (Thanks for reposting your comment--I can't believe how many times I've accidentally deleted comments--it was moderate or captchas, and I HATE captchas, so....)


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