Thursday, September 27, 2012

Milestones, Memories...and Yet Another Return from the Dead

No, it's not Carnac, the late Johnny Carson's mystic alter ego.

Today is a milestone for The Young and the Restless...its 10,000th episode. Of those 10,000 episodes, I'd estimate 7,000 were good ones. Let's face it...soaps are full of contrived plots. If I did some of this stuff in a novel, I'd end up with fifty scathing one-star reviews on Amazon!

I've been watching Y&R off and on since its debut in 1973 (I abandon it when the plots are just too absurd to tolerate). I remember watching the first episode in the student center between college classes. Back then, the story revolved around two families: the well-to-do Brooks family and the poor-but-honest Fosters (David Hasselhoff was one of the Foster boys pre-Baywatch and Knight Rider). Today, only two characters from the show's beginning remain: Jill Foster (now Abbott) and Katherine Chancellor, for whom Jill once worked. The show now centers around three families: the Newmans, the Abbotts and the Baldwins.

There are characters I love: Victor and Nikki Newman, Nick and Phyllis Newman, Adam and Chelsea Newman, Victoria and Billy Abbott, Katherine Chancellor, Jack Abbott, Cane and Lily Ashby, just to name a few. And then there are the ones the mute button was made the empty-headed blonde bimbo Sharon Collins Newman Newman Newman (yep...somehow the ditzoid managed to get Nick, Adam and Victor to marry her). 

I liked Sharon when Nick first met and fell in love with her--she seemed to be a decent, honest young woman who, abandoned by her own father, developed a father-daughter bond with her wealthy father-in-law. Then she left Nick and their young children. She, in her own words, "needed to be adored" (not loved--adored, as in worshipped) and didn't feel she was getting that from Nick. She ended up in an abusive relationship and eventually killed her lover--but never went to prison for it. Go figure. From there on, she's been going downhill.

In the current storyline, Victor had an accident and lost his memory. Long story short, he ended up working on the docks in Los Angeles. While he was away, ditzy Sharon stepped in and appointed herself CEO of his conglomerate. Stock prices plummeted, but she stubbornly hung on, relishing the power she thought she possessed. She alienated everyone with her delusions of grandeur. 

When the show ended today, Sharon's wheelchair-bound mother was at her door. I have a feeling the dumb blonde's about to get grounded!

Yes, it was a stupid storyline. I can only hope that now that Victor's back, Amelia Airhead will be exiled to a land far, far away...and off camera!



  1. Amelia Airhead, huh?

    I remember you mentioning that character Victor ending up in Ottawa... in a bar on the riverfront... where we have no such bars or any other building.

  2. See what I mean about contrived plots?

    Only in a soap could a spokesmodel with a libral arts degree from a community college take the reins of an international conglomerate with the endorsement of its board of directors.

  3. hahahahahhahaha... I don't watch the soaps but I do watch Japanese and Korean TV Dramas. They run from 18 to 24 episodes for a 2 day per week run or much longer for weekend dramas that last 50+ episodes. they can be really over the top tear jerkers that the grandmothers all love to really good dramas. But they have their run and then it is over. Rather like that.
    I love your reply to William about the contrived plots. What a hoot !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I love this post, I'm totally with you- I dunno what it is about soap operas but I always come back to them. I'm gonna have to give your soap a try, I'm more of a Days girl but you peaked my curiousity. I always love coming back to your blog each week.


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