Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Unkindest (Worst) Cut of All....

Last spring, frustrated with my shoulder-length excuse for hair, I decided drastic measures were needed. I went to Fantastic Sams and told the stylist, Sera, I wanted to go short. I figured I wear hats and caps almost all the time, so why be bothered with it? I'd have it cut short and be done with it. I showed Sera a photo of a short cut I really liked, not expecting my hair to look exactly like that--but Sera worked her magic and gave me exactly what I wanted!

I was thrilled! It looked so good, I no longer wanted to cover it up. I felt liberated!

Sera recommended I have it trimmed every four weeks to maintain it, so I went back the following month. I was apprehensive when I found Sera wasn't there, but the stylist I got was also very good and made my mop look great. (I didn't get her name. I wish I had.)

I wasn't so lucky the third time. I went at lunchtime and most of the stylists had already left for lunch. I got Vickie. A previous experience with Vickie had sent me running for Great Clips. It was almost a year before I was willing to return to Fantastic Sams, even though I'd been a regular customer for over fifteen years. And now here I was, stuck with her again.

I almost walked out. I should have.

She cut it way too short. The only good thing I could say about it was that I didn't have to have it cut again in four weeks. I was able to wait a couple of months. I grew it out sufficiently to allow a good stylist to make it look good again.

But I didn't get a good stylist on my next visit. I got Vickie...again.

Collin and I both needed cuts, so we went on Thursday, his day off. We stopped for lunch, then headed over to Fantastic Sams. There were four stylists in that day. I figured that gave me a 75% chance of getting a good one.

In spite of the odds, I lost.

It's possible to request a favorite stylist. So, not surprisingly, the other three were all busy. Vickie is always available...probably because not many (if any) clients request her. It was down to Collin and me when she asked who was next. I practically begged Collin to go first. After all, he wouldn't care if she shaved his head (which she almost did). I thought while she was scalping him, I'd have a shot at getting a good stylist.

No such luck.

I suppose I should have waited an hour or two if necessary to avoid getting stuck with her. She outdid herself. This is the worst haircut she's given me to date. I'll be wearing caps and hats for at least two months while it grows out. And next time, I won't let her touch it.

Collin observed that unlike the other stylists, Vickie doesn't ask the client what they want. She just starts cutting, as if it's her choice to make. The first time she cut my hair, I tried to show her what I wanted. I took a picture with me. She wouldn't look at it. She kept telling me to put it away.

Well, Vickie, as they say at the ballpark: three're out!


  1. She'll be the sort who winds up driving away customers. The management has to see that.

    1. I wish they would...she's been there far too long already!


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