Sunday, October 14, 2012

Be Careful of the Words You Say....

I used to have a little sign posted above my desk, during that brief period of foolishness in which I believed I could discipline myself to actually work at a desk. The little sign read Be careful of the words you say; keep them soft and sweet. You'll never know from day to day which ones you'll have to eat.

Epic fail...I never adapted to writing in traditional writer fashion (computer on desk, butt planted firmly in chair) and I never learned to censor myself. But that's not where this post is going.

This morning, I discovered just how accurate the speech recognition of the Voice Search app on my Android really is. I activated it by mistake and it went into action when I said, "This sucks." I got this response....

Sorry about the blurred image. I was laughing when I took the photo. A comment of "that's funny" got this in response....

And so my love-hate relationship with technology rages on. I shudder to think how I'd get by without it. I can barely remember the years of writing everything in longhand on yellow legal pads, print and bound books, CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs, snail mail and using a phone to make phone calls. And it wasn't all that long ago!

My dad used to say the thing he hated about helping me move was all those heavy cases of books. I told Collin I would love to see the look on his face if I were to ask him to carry my books--and give him my Kindle Fire! I've finally done it--all of my books (except for a few special coffee table books) and music are now digitized. I gave away all of the print books--including print copies of my own books!

Now that Collin's begun digitizing our DVD collection, I'll soon be able to access everything online. I might have eventually reached my goal of being able to put all of my personal possessions in my backpack...if it weren't for the 200-plus stuffed animals I still can't part with....


  1. Two hundred plus? You realize you're infested with the little stuffed critters?

  2. And Collin just got me two new ones: plush spiders for Hallowe'en!

  3. As for all your books and movies on technology I hope you have back-up ? or all is lost with one misplaced tap of a key ?

    Thank Goodness you have that many critters, I don't feel so bad now.
    Every time I go to Japan (land of the cutest stuffed animals and mascots ever) I say no more but some how there are always a few in my luggage. On my last trip I did really great till the airport. They had a Studio Ghibli shop and yes.... I bought the cutest Totoro ever to add to my collection ! Oh Dear !
    We really try not to buy anymore !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. That's the best thing about having everything in cloud storage, Gayle! Even if my Kindle/computer/smartphone were to be lost, stolen or damaged, everything is safe in the clouds and can be accessed from a new device. Nothing is ever really lost.

    I'm glad to see you share my love of the Plush Ones!

  5. I'm not yet ready to digitize neither my books nor my stuffed animals! Baby steps. First I will get a cell phone that is not just a phone. Someday.

  6. I hear ya and am a bit envious as I'd love to dump a couple of bookcases. But I'm not there yet. One day -- teeny tiny baby steps make progress, eh?

  7. Just read your comment. . . thanks for your support, Norma. The gloves are definitely off in Rings. It's not a pretty story but stuff sometimes isn't.

  8. Digitizing the warm fuzzy critters will never happen;). I don't want to get rid of m print books yet, but it's a tempting idea!

  9. Never going to happen for me Norma, unless they actually stop printing..I'm addicted to the smell of a new book!


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