Monday, October 22, 2012

The Ghost in Our...uh...Bathroom

Our bathroom is haunted.

A few months ago, I called Maintenance in to check out a problem. The lights kept going off and on. I thought it was a short in the switch. I still think so, but Maintenance couldn't find anything wrong. 

Then the night light started doing the same thing...but not at the same time as the Hollywood lights. I didn't bother to call Maintenance back. What would be the point?

Then the toilet paper started unrolling itself.

I decided the central air conditioning was to blame. It's a small bathroom (I've had closets that were bigger). When the AC was on, it was probably blowing just enough air at the TP roll to move it...right?

Then one night, I saw it happen. All by itself. No air blowing on it, nothing touching it. It just started unrolling...and unrolling...and unrolling.

Now I ask you--what self-respecting ghost would haunt a bathroom?

I considered the possible suspects. Our rabbit, Babs, who had a penchant for unrolling toilet paper? Mom, who spent more time in the bathroom than the rest of us combined? Or maybe it was a ghost we don't know at all--maybe a former tenant of this apartment. These buildings were gutted and totally remodeled in the past few years--everything here was new when we moved in. Maybe the remodeling made some spirit angry and he or she decided to mess with us. Hmmm....
When the toilet starts flushing itself, we're outta here!


  1. Maybe a former tenant died in the bathroom and the remodelling just released them from their purgatory.

    1. Thanks, Carla--that's comforting! Now I have a pissed-off ghost pissing in my bathroom!

  2. Maybe this is a friendly ghost. In life, one of those uber helpful types, now in death is being helpful by unrolling the TP and adjusting the lights.

    Maybe next the ghost will turn down your bed covers for you. At least then you can get some privacy in the bathroom!

    1. I hope it knows how to cook. I'll send it to the kitchen!

  3. Maybe you should just ask it to leave, I've heard it's the best way haha..I have a feeling there may be a less ghostly explanation somewhere, there usually is.

  4. Ooooh, ghosts!! I think the ghoul should instead be thankful the bathroom has a wonderful lighting fixture. :D Perth, I agree with you. There must be a possible rational explanation for this. Anyway, do you still feel the phantom in the bathroom? :P


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