Saturday, October 20, 2012

Was There a Full Moon Last Night, Or What?

I must be a Nut Magnet. It's the only plausible explanation.

Yesterday didn't start off weird, mind you. It was a typical Friday. Collin and I went to Sam's Club. We had lunch in the snack bar because supposedly, if you eat before you shop, you don't do so much impulse buying. (Not true, by the way. I could eat a five-course meal before shopping, and if I find something that looks really good, it will still end up in my shopping cart. I'll be hungry later, after all.) I fell passionately and very publicly in love with a 60" smart TV which we're going to need, with Collin digitizing all of our DVDs. And my eyesight's so bad, I'm having trouble seeing that 22" that sits six feet from me in our living room.

We have a very small living room and there was some question as to whether or not a 60" TV would fit in the only space we have for it (our couch is quite large). It will, for the record. I measured last night. 

But I'm getting off track here.

An inconvenience that goes with certain medical issues is swelling of one's feet and ankles. Mine do a lot of that. During the summer, it wasn't so bad. I wore flip-flops all summer. But now that autumn has arrived, it's been necessary to actually wear shoes. That has presented problems. The new sneakers I bought on Monday were so tight on Thursday, my feet were in agony. I had a 20% off coupon from Payless, so I decided to buy a pair in a larger size for those "puffy" days.

Big mistake. Huge.

When Collin and I entered the store, it was quiet. The sales clerk was at the counter and there was only one other customer present, a woman trying on boots. The clerk asked if she could help me. I told her I had the coupon and just wanted to use it before it expired. The other woman immediately rushed toward me. "What coupon? Where did you get it?"

I told her I got in in the mail. "When?" she wanted to know.

"I don't remember." I really didn't remember. "I'm on their mailing list." 

She rushed off to see if the clerk could get her a coupon. I thought I'd seen the last of her when she left the store. If only I'd been that lucky.  I was looking at ballet flats when she got in my face again, shoving her cellphone at me, wanting to know which of the items on the screen would get her the 20% discount. If she hadn't annoyed me so thoroughly, I would have given her my coupon just to get her to go away!

I'm so easily distracted, if someone is walking too close to me in a store, I'll forget what I'm looking for...even if I have a shopping list. I had reached the point at which I had two choices: leave immediately, or launch into a verbal assault she'd never forget. (Patience? What's that?) No way would I reward her for being a nuisance by giving her the coupon she so desperately wanted. Nope...I bought a pair of gel insoles for Collin's work shoes and a tube of lip gloss, which came to a grand total of $6.82 with the 20% coupon, and got out of there.

After all, I had to get home to measure for that TV....



  1. wahahahahahahahahahah...
    this could so be my life ! I collect crazy !

    Must blog the story of my only trip to walmart, awful awful awful store, I almost passed out !
    I was in a Bed Bath and Beyond years ago and I had a coupon. As I was checking out the lady behind me said... were did you find that coupon ? I said it comes in the mail and I don't really know how I get it ? she was very nice though and asked the clerk how to get the coupons...not like your lady.
    The thing is I rarely use coupons as I keep forgetting them.
    If I had a coupon for the beautiful TV your buying I might remember !
    Keep telling us about the Cloud thing your using and if you like it !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I'll send you info on cloud storage. It would be perfect for keeping your photos and artwork!

    I used to just lose my temper with idiots...but these days, I can't afford to do that with the problems I've been having. If something or someone has become too much of a source of irritation, I'll just walk away. There's very little in this world that's worth having to put up with the crap.

  3. Strictly speaking, it's not just if the television can fit in the room; it's also a matter of whether or not it ends up overwhelming the room. Though with your eyes being the way they are, the size of the television might be the more pressing factor.

  4. Actually, it would look fine in here. The only concern I have is that Collin built the TV cart for me and I really don't want to replace it....

  5. Oh wow! I would never harass a stranger in a store like that. What a crazy!

    1. Some people are like that, Carla. They think only their needs matter.

  6. Brash people are very unappealing, you have to wonder HOW do they not realise they are being offensive!! Cloud thing...what? No really I have heard about it but it all sounds too complicated for a mega technophobe like moi!!

    1. I'm a technomoron...but cloud storage is so easy, even I can use it!


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