Friday, November 23, 2012

On Being Thankful....

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US--a time, presumably, to reflect on what we have, what we're thankful for. After a huge meal, thought and reflection are often all I'm capable of.

I'm thankful for cheesecake. I'm thankful for technology, for devices that are smarter than I am and tell me what to do and when to do it. I'm thankful for my Kindle and ebooks because I like being able to take my library wherever I go...and I always hated having to dust bookshelves. I'm thankful for big box stores that carry jumbo jars of Nutella. I'm really thankful for the big screen TV we've decided to adopt...and I'm really, really, REALLY thankful to not be part of the crowd waiting in front of one local retailer for their Black Friday special. 1200 men are waiting for 600 envelopes, one of which will get one lucky shopper a free rifle. I wouldn't want to end up in the middle of that fight.....

(These guys really were among those waiting for the doors to open....)

But seriously....

I'm thankful that there is a higher power who created us...and that for whatever reason, He's always been watching over me. Whenever anyone tells me, "You need to be looked after," I know they mean it literally!

I'm thankful that among the blessings God gave me is my son, Collin. He's patient, kind, gentle...everything I'm not. And he's done an impressive job of raising me. Who would have thought being given the wrong baby at the hospital could be a blessing? (Just kidding, T-Bird!)

I'm thankful for my partner in crime, William Kendall, aka James Morgan. Collaborations aren't always easy, but I've been lucky to have found someone I'm so in sync with, personally and creatively. Like Collin, he's far more kind, patient and giving than I am....

I'm thankful for good friends. I have the best in Carolyn, Kathie, and Pearl. "Fair weather friends" are plentiful--but those who are there for you in your darkest moments are a gift from God.

Some of those friends are also fellow writers, and they're the ones who get the ups and downs of this insane business. Mike, Shelly, Eve, April, Lena, Nicole, Cathy, Kyle, Karla, Linton, EJ, Lucy, Lorelei, Glynis and other members of the Writers of Mass Distraction, this is my shout-out to all of you!

I'm thankful for my other online friends, too. Mets, Gayle and the Square Ones top this list. We may never have met, but sometimes I feel like I know you better than a lot of people I have met!

I'm thankful for my church family. Pastor John, Carole--this one applies especially to the two of you! South Side really is a place to call home....

I'm also thankful for those loved ones who are no longer with me except in my heart: Mom, Dad, Sam, Iggy, Schatzi, Sandy, Scamp, Trouble, Bugsy, Babs and all the rest of my extended family...I love you and I miss you, always....


  1. Wonderful things to be thankful for! I'm glad to have you as a partner and friend too!

  2. Beautiful post, Norma! You have lots of wonderful things to be thankful for:).

    1. Thanks, Maria!

      I think if we all really think about it, we each have a great deal to be thankful for. Collin and I have been through some pretty rough times, and we've lost friends and loved ones...but the blessings have far outweighed the trials. And even the worst experiences eventually led to good things.

  3. Lovely post, Norma. Glad you took the time to be thankful during this holiday rather than waiting for a gun. Yikes!

  4. Thank you, Carla! no way would I tangle with a bunch of backyard survivalists for one rifle!

  5. I'm thankful we don't really have Black Friday here - ergh. And I'm thankful for cheesecake, too. :)


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