Monday, November 12, 2012

Spammers R Us

A few months ago, I discovered a spammer using the name "Desi Jumiati" had taken my registered domain name as a blog address and was setting up camp at Blogger, padding that blog and fifty-four others with posts stolen from other bloggers. After weeks of several of us making complaints to Google, the blogs specifically mentioned in those complaints were removed.

But now there's a new spammer on the block.

Yesterday, William emailed me with an unpleasant discovery. Another spammer was using two of my book titles for his (her?) blogs. These were blogs I had originated but later deleted, realizing it was impossible (not to mention stupid) to try to maintain a blog for each book.
Upon investigation, I found that one of the spam blogs,, had already been deleted. I immediately reclaimed the URL, along with some of my other titles. Only, remains in spammer hands.

Do I plan to start posting on all of these blogs? No. This was action I took solely to make sure I don't end up being blamed for people following these blogs getting hit with a spam surge. I've marked all of them as "No Readers."


With my website almost ready to debut (don't expect a lot of bells and whistles, I'm a firm believer in the KISS--Keep It Simple, Stupid--formula), I'm also resetting my Beishir Books blog to Private, along with Sam's Story. I'm actually going to be down to one blog, posted in two locations: here and Wordpress.

I suggested to William that someone should sell spammer insurance. He said it would probably end up being sold by a spammer.... 

Postscript: PLEASE show your support for those victims of Superstorm Sandy still without power:


  1. I do some staff work at another website. It never ceases to amaze me how spammers never seem to get the point.

    One of Krisztina's inactive blogs got taken over by someone who spams cars... even though every time I click on it, the content itself has been removed.

    1. Spammers are a determined lot. Look at how many blogs "Desi" took over. I they take over blogs rather than starting their own, trying to pick up the blog's followers?

      I've never had this problem at Wordpress, thankfully!

  2. That's crazy. Reminds me nothing on the web is sacred.

    Good luck with the new website! KISS is the only way to go.

    1. I'll be happy just to have it up, PK! Collin comes home so exhausted every night, he falls asleep on his computer and nothing ever gets finished!

  3. I've lost track of the number of spam comments on my blog... fortunately, they tend to include a link which gets them automatically put in the junk spam folder.


Spammers and scammers will be deleted.