Sunday, June 16, 2013

If They Could See Us Now....

Collin and I have frequently discussed how Mom and Dad might react to some of the technology that's become commonplace in the years since they left us: big-screen TVs...Roku players....Blu-Ray players...smartphones...tablets.... We think they'd be amazed--and maybe more than a little intimidated--by it all.

Dad would love DVRs, especially since we now get all of the WWE pay-per-views and store them on the DVR for future replaying. He would have liked having a cellphone with him when he was at work. (It would definitely have come in handy when he got stranded on the road in an unexpected snowstorm and ruined his truck's transmission trying to get up a steep, snow-packed hill.)

Mom would also love cellphones. She'd love tablets and streaming, once she learned to use them. They'd frustrate the daylights out of her, but she'd learn, because it would mean being able to watch her favorite movies and TV shows, wherever she was--even in our living room, while Dad was playing the recording of Wrestlemania for the hundredth time.

I doubt either of them would ever have mastered email or text messaging--mainly because neither of them would know anyone else who did it, except for Collin and me...and we were right there in the same house.

But since this is Father's Day, one advancement in particular stands out in my mind, because I know it's a toy Dad would have had to possess. MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) recently showed off their latest piece of equipment on the local news: a remote-controlled lawn mower they're currently using to mow the grass on medians and along highways.

Oh, yes...Dad would have had to own one of these bad boys!

The last Christmas present I gave him, a month before he died twenty-two years ago, was a lawn mower. Dad had been having a lot of trouble mowing the lawn because of his heart issues. That summer before his passing, Mom and I came home more than once to find him lying on our front steps because his old mower had been too difficult to push around.

Mom and I decided to surprise him. A self-propelling mower was, we thought, the solution. He would never break down and hire one of the neighborhood boys to to the job, so we had to find a way to make it easier for him to do himself. We went one Saturday in December to pick it up at Sears. Our mistake was in not doing it during the week, when Collin was in school. We couldn't take him with us, because we had to lower the back seat in Mom's Escort to bring it home. We left him with Dad. Unfortunately, Collin knew where we were going, and the little blabbermouth gave him just enough hints to figure out what we were up to. When we came home and he opened the door as we came up the walk, one look at his face told us he knew what was in the car.

He was so proud of that mower, because, as he told Mom, it showed him how much I loved him. I thought he was going to insist upon taking a photo of it with him to the hospital when he went for surgery.  Sadly, he never got to use it.

Later, it was stolen. We knew who did it, but because we couldn't find the jackass, we never got it back.

Those of you whose parents are still living, never take them for granted. Appreciate them, love them. I would give anything if mine were here with us today.


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  1. Lovely, lovely lovely post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. My dad still gets flabbergasted by technology. He can handle some things, but I guarantee the next time I go over there, the clock will be off on the stereo....

    1. My dad could operate the VCR, but he couldn't set the time on it!

  3. Hey thanks for the mention, Norma! i appreciate that.
    Gosh, you're so right and I try to remind myself daily how blessed I am my parents are still living. I'm guilty of not spending more time with them cuz I get caught up in my own kids lives and try to fit in some personal time for myself. But I need to take advantage of the time I have with them now especially. Thanks for the reminder.
    Such a cute story about the mower! Except for that darn thief.

    1. Thanks, PK--I really enjoyed your post as well!

  4. Oh so so true, I lost my father a few years back and cherish the fact that I still have my mother. She is in her late 60s but just sent her first text, to my immense surprise! (I like to think your parents might've hesitated but then mastered every new technology:) Thank you for the kind mention, I'm off to check out the interview!

    1. I think Mom would have worked until she mastered the use of the tablet, because she would have loved all that she could do with it. Dad would have stuck to the DVR and the remote-control mower.


  5. Great post! It made me think back to days long gone and had me smiling.

  6. Hear, hear Norma I couldn't agree more. I would love to have my Mum and Dad here now. Somehow I just can't see either Mum or Dad texting, I know where I got my technophobia from :)

  7. I used to be a technophobe, Grace--now I can't get by without my gadgets!

  8. Kids never can keep a secret, can they? Makes us love 'em more!

    A lovely tribute to your parents and dad in particular!

  9. Beautiful post! Both of my parents were and are techno illiterate! Wish I could have my dad back:(. I never in my life saw him mow the lawn. A man named Mr. Elliot used to do it while I was growing up. By the time he was getting too old to mow, my parents moved to a condo. (Btw, I didn't realize I'd missed so many of your posts!)


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