Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wanna Play a Game?

I have a challenge for you today. Choose a category--Movies, TV, Books, Music, or even a completely different category of your own choosing, if you can think of one--and give one title for each letter of the alphabet. I chose Movies....

A - Avengers, The
B - Bruce Almighty
C - Captain America: The First Avenger
D - Despicable Me
E - E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
F - Finding Nemo
G - Green Lantern
H - Hurt Locker, The
I - Iron Man
J - Jack the Giant Slayer
K - King's Speech, The
L - Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
M - Man of Steel
N - Notebook, The
O - Ocean's Twelve
P - Predator
Q - Queen, The
R - Raiders of the Lost Ark
S - Star Wars
T - Thor
U - Ultraviolet
V - V for Vendetta
W - Wolverine, The
X - X-Men
Y - Yes Man
Z - Zero Dark Thirty


  1. Oh, my poor mind! I can't dive into this! I'd be all day trying to think of titles!

  2. I'll take a rain check Norma, a challenge indeed!

  3. Wow, good one! I'd probably spend ages and still not come up with a decent movie list (yes, movies is what I would've chosen too:)

    1. I did it in five minutes, so I know all of you can do it, too, Lulu!

  4. Hmmm, I will write my answers over in the Wordpress page. That is a very eclectic list!

    1. You did it! Now, you HAVE to post your list here, too, so everyone can see it! Just paste it in to the comments form!

  5. Oh this is fun. I love games.... You have a fabulous list Norma.

  6. I did this with characters for Blogging A-Z. Then I did it again for villains and settings. That was trickier.
    Got some good ones on your list. :)

  7. Here's my full list (Z was a challenge!)

    A. Air Force One
    B. Bringing Up Baby
    C. Casablanca
    D. The Dark Knight
    E. Edward Scissorhands
    F. The Fugitive
    G. Gettysburg
    H. Hound Of The Baskervilles
    I. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
    J. Jurassic Park
    K. King Arthur
    L. Last Of The Mohicans
    M. The Maltese Falcon
    N. North By Northwest
    O. 127 Hours
    P. The Princess Bride
    Q. Quantum Of Solace
    R. Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
    S. Stardust
    T. To Catch A Thief
    U. U2 Rattle And Hum
    V. Van Helsing
    W. Wyatt Earp
    X. The X-Files Fight The Future
    Y. Young Guns
    Z. Zulu

    1. See, everybody? William did it! I know the rest of you can!

    2. I've seen most of these William. A good list.

  8. Oh yikes, I think this would drive me crazy! :)

  9. Oh, come on, Talli--you can do it!

  10. What fun! My category is birds.

    Blue footed Booby
    Easter Bluebird
    Ring-neck Duck
    Uria aalge (scientific name for Common Murre)
    Xenus cinerus (Terek Sandpiper)
    Yellow-billed Cuckoo
    Zone-tailed Hawk

    1. Oh, I love that, Lynn! I never thought of birds!

  11. I love movies, so here's mine:

    A - All About eve
    B – Ben Hur
    C - Casablanca
    D – Dracula
    E – E.T.
    F - Fargo
    G – Gone with the Wind
    H – Hell’s Angels
    I – Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    J – The Jazz Singer
    K – Key Largo
    L – Les Miserables
    M – Maltese Falcon
    N – Now Voyager
    O – The Odd Couple
    P - Poltergeist
    Q – Quo Vadis
    R – Rachel, Rachel
    S – Star Wars
    T – Top Gun
    U - Underworld
    V - Vertigo
    W – The Wild Bunch
    X – X-Men
    Y – Yankee Doodle Dandy
    Z - Zombie

  12. I'm so late to this post but what a great idea since it is almost 11pm I will post tomorrow.

    cheers, parsnip

  13. Oh, I started to think about movies so before I went to bed I came up with this list.
    Some letters I had so many likes and some letters, I really had to think about like Z. I didn't really have any Z movie I liked and the one I picked was not that great.

    A- Arrietty
    B- Blade Runner
    C- Cinderella
    D- Death On The Nile
    E- Enemy of the State
    F- From Up On Poppy Hill
    G- Gaslight
    H- Harry Potter
    I- Ice Age
    J- The Jetsons
    K- The Kings Speech
    L- Laputa, Castle In The sky
    M- Men In Black
    N- North By Northwest
    O- Over The Hedge
    P- Porco Rosso
    Q- Quiz Show
    R- Ratatouille
    S- Spirited Away
    T- Totoro
    U- Up
    V- Vertigo
    W- Wakeing Ned Devine
    X- X-Men
    Y- Young Frankenstein
    Z- Zhou Yu's Train

    cheers, parsnip

  14. I'm going to try books, although at the get-go I think I may have a problem with x and z.
    A - Anna Karenina
    B - Bel Canto
    C - Caleb's Crossing
    D - Dancing in Heaven - (haha - had to give a little plug to myself)
    E - Ellen Foster
    F - The Fault in Our Stars
    G - The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo
    H - The Haj
    I - In My Father's Country
    J - Jane Eyre
    K - The Kite Runner
    L - Little Women
    M - Middlemarch
    N - No Ordinary Time
    O - The Old Man and the Sea
    P - Pillars of the Earth
    Q - QB VII
    R - Rebecca
    S - The Silence of the Lambs
    T - Tess of the D'Urbervilles
    U - Unbroken
    V - Vanity Fair
    W - A Walk in the Woods
    X - Xanadu
    Y - Year of Wonders
    Z - Zorro

    I should admit that I didn't think of these by myself, but that I have read all of them except for V, X, and Z. I got the others from my Goodread "Read" bookshelf. So I feel like the time I saved by using this resource was more than made up for by the time it took me to read all of these books. :)


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