Monday, November 4, 2013

Better Late Than Never!


I was starting to think the fall colors, which I look forward to every year, would not come to my area this year...but here they are at last, and I'm so happy to see them. It's funny, orange and brown are my least favorite colors (the exception being brown as in chocolate!)!

These were taken by Collin along the main road near our place (sorry about those power lines getting in the way)....

Yes, this is a cemetery. But at least there are no power lines here!

My personal favorite. Beautiful, isn't it?


  1. Beautiful colours Norma!

    Power lines... the bane of existence!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Norma! I'd probably not wear any orange or brown but by golly they look good in nature :) I have the power line problem also, maybe one day it'll go underground in my suburb!

  3. I enjoy fall too. I esp. love when the sun filters through the yellow and orange ones, and make them look like gold. It's odd to see that there are still green leaves on some trees here in northern Ill. But after this, you know what comes next!

  4. Beautiful Fall photos.
    I am so used to seeing power lines in Japan that i just block them out.
    You live in a lovely place.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Really beautiful--even with the power lines!

  6. Oh i'm so jealous! We get no colors down here in FLA. :(

  7. Love the vibrant reds and oranges!


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