Sunday, December 22, 2013


Today, I have another snippet from Superhero in Training, in which my two human protagonists, Charlie and Will, are meeting for the first time in the comic book store Charlie inherited from her late grandfather....

The funeral procession had begun.

The funny part was that nobody had died. Brenda Walker, who lived down the street, had just found out she was pregnant. Okay, in 2013 that's not exactly the big deal it was in 1953, but Brenda's ultra-conservative Southern Baptist Republican parents would have disowned her seven ways to Sunday if she'd publicly embarrassed them with an out-of-wedlock baby—so Brenda's hero of a hubby, who married her in a quickie ceremony the day before he got shipped off to Afghanistan, was conveniently killed in action. Now, she was mourning the death of her hero, who had given his life to save his fellow soldiers.  She looked good in black. She'd probably wear it until the baby was born. She'd play the grieving widow to the hilt.

"Who died?"

"Nobody," I said without thinking.

William has also posted a snippet--from our joint project, Same Time Tomorrow. Be sure you check it out, along with his latest photoblog!


  1. LOL I love it. For some reason it sounds like something that would have happened on Northern Exposure...

    1. Or Gilmore Girls. Their town was pretty odd, too!

  2. That is such a good snippet, Norma. I got a kick out of this when I first read it!

  3. Fabulous snippet !
    I so want to read this.

    cheers, parsnip


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