Friday, December 6, 2013

The Ignore List

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard about something I suspect might actually catch on: the Ignore List. Since so many of us have fallen into the habit of making lists for everything, why not a list for those things thrown into our laps that either aren't so important or fall under the heading of things we really don't want to do?

I'm big on making lists. I used to make handwritten lists...then I'd misplace them. Now, I make lists on my smartphone...and never look at them again. In spite of my compulsive list-making, I still forget things I need to do. I forget things we need from the grocery store.  Currently, I have appointments with both my dentist and my ophthalmologist on Monday. I'd like to forget both of them. Root canal is no fun, and I'm in enough pain as it is. As for my eye doctor, I'm convinced her receptionist only knows one number: 3. Every appointment I've had there has been at 3:00. Don't they ever schedule morning appointments?

I think this may be one reason for my decreased productivity. For years, I was a creature of habit. I was an early riser. I'd run all of my errands, stop for lunch, then go home and spend the rest of the day writing, uninterrupted. It worked beautifully. These days, there's no semblance of routine. If I try to write early, there's almost always some sort of disruption in the afternoon that puts the brakes on accomplishing anything the rest of the day. If I wait until evening to try to write, I usually end up falling asleep.

Do you have any kind of daily routine? For those of you who are writers, do you have a particular time of day to write, or do you squeeze it in whenever you can?


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  1. I love it! I need an Ignore List (though I think I already have one by default:). I like routine as well and write a lot for my job, but there is always a last-minute fire to put out at work. Definitely a challenge as I like having few distractions to write. I try my best to clear things off the calendar first thing (if I can predict them) and save a big chunk of time for writing later in day, or vice versa with dedicating morning to writing and afternoon to other tasks. But, yes, a challenge, sigh... (Thank you for the kind mention of today's post - so sweet of you!)

  2. These days I squeeze in whatever writing I'm doing whenever I can...

    Can we put relatives we don't like on an ignore list?

  3. With my changing health... I try to do things early in the day so the afternoon is free for me. But lately that means a nap... OMG !
    I have to make lists taped on the door to the garage because I am forgetting everything.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Your listmaking sounds like mine! I made grocery lists but never took them when I went shopping. I made lists of things to do and forgot where I put the lists.

    I still make lists of things to buy at Walmart and PetSmart and a few other places. But when I leave the house, I never seem to have them. I finally said to heck with worrying about it. I buy what I remember and there'll always be a next time!

  5. I try to stick to a routine. BUT I try to get my writing in first thing depending on what is going on. And lists... Can't live without them.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  6. Eye and teeth problems! :-( No wonder you're tired and under par! You take care now and look after your health. The writing will always be there! Take care


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